15 novembre 2016

University-Industry Interaction Conference - 7 to 9 June 2017 in Dublin

Awesome ImageNext year this three day event will redefine your UIIN conference experience all over again. From the 7th to 9th of June, 2017, more than 400 university leaders, practitioners, CEOs, policymakers and academics will visit Europe’s hub for technology start-ups and home to the European HQ of, amongst others, Facebook, Google, Airbnb, PayPal and Apple. Expose yourself to good practices and experiences of over 100 different organisations, learn from the worlds renowned academic experts in the field and network with some of the leading institutions on how to drive growth in your home region.
Are you looking to share your latest research results, insights and experience from practice or examples of good practice in university-industry interaction, entrepreneurial universities or collaborative innovation? Shape the agenda and submit your abstract to the University-Industry Interaction Conference, taking place from 7 to 9 June 2017 in Dublin, Ireland. At this event, you have the opportunity to meet more than 400 participants from all over the world and interact, share knowledge, and establish new contacts.
We are now calling for abstracts for papers, presentations, good practice case studies, next practice concepts and posters. Submissions will be reviewed by a scientific or practitioners committee and will be published in either the conference proceedings, the case study series, or next practice book (all registered with ISBN). The deadline for the submission of abstracts is December 12, 2016. Please submit your abstract online at: http://submission.university-industry.com. More...

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La chimie pourrait créer 60 000 emplois à l’horizon 2030

http://www.arftlv.org/images/logos/logo.jpgPour l’Union des Industries Chimiques (UIC), même si la chimie continue de croître malgré une conjoncture peu porteuse, son potentiel de croissance pourrait s'exprimer pleinement en créant en France un cadre propice à l'investissement productif. Voir l'article...

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"maBoîteÀOutils" d’OPCA 3+

http://www.arftlv.org/images/logos/logo.jpgAfin de faciliter la navigation et permettre aux internautes une recherche plus efficace, une profonde refonte ergonomique a été opérée sur la boîte à outils en ligne d’OPCA 3+, OPCA des Industries de l'Ameublement, du Bois, des Matériaux pour la Construction et l'Industrie et de l'Inter-secteurs Papiers Cartons.
Plus d'infos : opca3plus.fr/boite-outils. Voir l'article...

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Salon de recrutement en ligne pour les métiers de l'informatique

http://www.arftlv.org/images/logos/logo.jpgPôle-emploi Nouvelle Aquitaine organise, du 14 au 29 novembre 2016, un salon de recrutement en ligne, pour les métiers du numérique. Voir l'article...

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Une journée portes ouvertes pour changer de vie professionnelle

http://www.arftlv.org/images/logos/logo.jpgLe Groupe AEF a créé en 2014 la manifestation « Nouvelle vie professionnelle » afin d’apporter des réponses à toutes les questions que se posent ceux qui souhaitent ou doivent changer de métier, de secteur ou de statut. Voir l'article...

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VET quality will reflect job quality

HomeAt the 25th anniversary conference of the European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET) on 26-29 October in Valencia, Cedefop Director James Calleja said that ‘quality of VET provision will largely determine the quality of jobs in the labour market.’ More...

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Growing risk of social exclusion among early school leavers

HomeYoung people who leave school at 16 with low skills are facing increasing challenges in finding a job, and their chances may not improve even if the economy picks up, according to the recently published OECD report Society at a Glance 2016. More...

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Higher VET and university degrees: parallel universes

HomeAt the high-level 40th anniversary conference of the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence on 28 October, Cedefop Director James Calleja argued that ‘higher vocational education and training (VET) and university degrees are parallel universes that can be enriched by greater cooperation and convergence.’
Addressing a roundtable session on higher education and European integration, he added that ‘it is perhaps the right time to advocate for a European University College that creates synergy between the Bologna and the Copenhagen processes.’ More...

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Cedefop’s research on big data and skill mismatch at the global knowledge frontier

Home The pioneering research that Cedefop is undertaking to detect emerging skill needs in European labour markets and the policy implications of Cedefop’s European skills and jobs (ESJ) survey were showcased at two international events held in Washington on 2-5 November. More...

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ECVET Magazine No 26 - October 2016

Home Keep abreast of latest developments on ECVET, learn about creating ECVET units of learning outcomes, using the principles of ECVET and EQF, assessment of prior learning. You can download issue 26. More...

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