07 octobre 2016

How Britain's old empire lives on in universities

The Guardian homeBy. From racist ‘banter’ to Eurocentric history degrees, higher education is haunted by Britain’s colonial past. But what does it mean to students. More...

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UK universities tumble in world rankings amid Brexit concerns

The Guardian homeBy. Uncertainty over research funding and immigration rules blamed for decline, as Cambridge slips out of top three for first time. More...

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Top UK universities consider new campuses in Europe

The Guardian homeBy. Vice-chancellors, fearing a loss of research money and students post Brexit, are on an EU charm offensive. More...

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Top 200 universities in the world 2016: the global trends

The Guardian homeBy. As the latest QS world university rankings are released, we take an overview of the results – and it looks like money talks

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University is not just expensive – it can be painful, too, as I found

The Guardian homeBy. A third of graduates regret going to university these days – they find it’s not always what they expected. More...

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Oxford offers highest number of places to state pupils for 40 years

The Guardian homeBy. Six in 10 places at university have been offered to pupils from state schools after heavy investment in outreach projects. More...

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My dirty little secret: I've been writing erotic novels to fund my PhD

The Guardian homeByAcademics Anonymous. Don’t breathe a word, my mentor advised me. They were right – I’ve had some odd reactions from the few colleagues I’ve told. More...

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Think play is for nurseries, not universities? Think again

The Guardian homeByAndrew Walsh. You might consider university students too old to play games in lectures, but it lets them experiment and deepen knowledge. More...

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Back home and in debt: life after university tuition fees

The Guardian homeBy. When university tuition costs nearly trebled from £3,375 a year to £9,000 in 2012, students were promised value for money, more choice and higher lifetime earnings than non-graduates. But the first students to pay the new fees, many of whom graduated last summer, are not having it easy. More...

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