04 octobre 2016

Transforming higher education: first comes knowledge, then curriculum

The ConversationBy . If you want to learn about Africa, there’s no need to go to Algeria, Mali, Zambia or anywhere else on the continent. More...

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How the legacy of apartheid design is making students’ lives unsafe

The ConversationBy . Spatial planning from the apartheid era is coming back to haunt South Africa’s formerly black universities. More than 22 years since the country’s transition to democracy, students at these institutions are still travelling vast distances to their campuses. More...

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If Africa grows its universities cleverly, its economies will flourish

The ConversationBy  and . The idea of “education for the masses” – rapidly increasing university enrolment rates – has changed the face of higher education in the past 50 years. The term “massification” has been adopted to describe it.
Universities in the US, Britain, Russia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea lead the pack when it comes to opening their doors to more students. More...

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How universities can use language as a force for fundamental change

The ConversationBy . South Africa’s universities are absorbed in debates about fee structures, free education and decolonising the curriculum.
But amid these debates – particularly on the issue of decolonisation – academia is ignoring what could be a fundamental force for change: language. More...

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How schools use language as a way to exclude children

The ConversationBy  and . Today, decisions about which language resources should count in schooling – as the language of instruction, a subject, or a legitimate language for learning – continue to be informed by the relationships between language and power. Schools and universities in post-colonial contexts still operate within the logic of coloniality. More...

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‘Free’ higher education: unrealistic expectations, unsustainable solutions

The ConversationBy . Free higher education is a myth. There is no such thing anywhere in the world, even in wealthy states like Germany, Finland, Norway and Sweden, which insist that their tertiary education systems are “free”. In fact, higher education in those countries is predominantly paid for by taxpayers. More...

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Decolonising psychology creates possibilities for social change

The ConversationBy . The issues raised by South African university students in a new round of protests must be read as inter-related and integral to the ongoing decolonial project. More...

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