05 septembre 2016

Young Researchers’ Funding Struggles Magnified in the Arab World

By Benjamin Plackett. Ask researchers from across the Arab world what holds them back, and most will lament the rarity of steady funding.
It may be easier in parts of the Gulf than elsewhere in the region to build impressive and costly research facilities, but it remains a common complaint that researcher administrators find it challenging to get the cash needed to operate those laboratories and pay the people who want to work in them. More...

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In Berlin, a Syrian Student Teaches Refugees

By Patrick Costello. Mouaz al-Qudsi, a Syrian who came to Germany on a student visa, was completing his degree in computer science and working as a software engineer when he and his colleagues began wondering how they might help the one million refugees pouring into Germany. More...

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The Ethical Minefield of International Partnerships

By Burton Bollag. In 2013, Yale University opened a liberal-arts institution in Singapore in partnership with the National University of Singapore. Yale saw the new campus, called Yale-NUS College, as a way to nurture independent thinking in Asia, while extending its own influence. More...

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Norway Develops “Qualifications Passport” for Refugees

By Burton Bollag. Faced with a flood of refugees, Norway has tested a new fast-track procedure to evaluate the qualifications of those who arrive in the country without proper documentation of their academic degrees or professional certificates. More...

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Awaiting Asylum in France, Iraqi Student’s Doctoral Plans Are On Hold

By Aida Alami. Many volunteers have been trying to make the country friendlier to refugees. A popular group, Singa France, has been pairing French citizens with migrants to encourage interaction and communication. The organization offers cooking and language courses, outings to concerts and other events, and socializing, with the aim of demonstrating how to integrate into French culture. In February, the group launched a platform that has helped thousands of refugees find people willing to host them in their homes. More...

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