18 juillet 2016

Europe's Most Innovative Universities

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "reuters.com"At first glance, the most innovative universities in Europe don't appear to have much in common. Some are Catholic schools, some are secular, others are state-run and some are private. One is 920 years old. Another has been an independent institution for less than a decade. They’re scattered across the continent, some in large cities, others in rural areas.
The single unifier: Nearly all of them emphasize practical research and applied science, as opposed to pure academics. Technical universities and colleges dominate Reuters’ first-ever ranking of Europe’s top 100 innovative universities, a list that identifies the educational institutions that are doing the most to advance science, invent new technologies, and help drive the global economy. More...

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Bias against novelty in science: a cautionary tale for users of bibliometric indicators

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "http://bruegel.org"Viewing scientific research as a combinatorial process, the authors measure novelty in science by examining whether a published paper makes first time ever combinations of referenced journals, taking into account the difficulty of making such combinations.
They apply this newly developed measure of novelty to all Web of Science research articles published in 2001 across all scientific disciplines. They find that highly novel papers, defined to be those that make more (distant) new combinations, deliver high gains to science: they are more likely to be a top 1% highly cited paper in the long run, to inspire follow on highly cited research, and to be cited in a broader set of disciplines.
At the same time, novel research is also more risky, reflected by a higher variance in its citation performance. In addition, the authors find that novel research is significantly more highly cited in “foreign” fields but not in its “home” field. Download PDF. More...

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Closing the Economic Gender Gap: Learning from the Gender Parity Task Forces

In the 10 years since the World Economic Forum began measuring the economic gender gap it has narrowed by only 3% globally. In addition to the individual actions of employers and governments to address these gaps, public-private dialogue and collaboration are critical. To accelerate the pace of change, the Forum launched Gender Parity Task Forces in Mexico, Turkey and Japan in 2012. A further task force followed in 2014 in the Republic of Korea. The task forces have sought to generate collaborations between public and private sector stakeholders by examining barriers to female economic participation and progress, exploring and implementing solutions, and providing a neutral platform for continued dialogue and action in each country. This report sets out the experiences of each Taskforce and highlights examples of impact. The report also sets out key lessons learned from these pilot projects and makes recommendations for scaling this model in partnership. More...

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Appel à projets de recherche - Évaluer les effets du crédit d'impôt recherche (CIR)

France Stratégie - Commissariat à la stratégie et à la prospectiveLa Commission nationale d'évaluation des politiques d'innovation lance un appel à projet "Évaluer les effets du crédit d'impôt recherche (CIR) - Enjeux et thématiques".

Cet appel à projets de recherche est organisé en deux étapes :

  • Étape 1 : sélection parmi les pré-propositions (5 pages maximum), soumises par les équipes de recherche intéressées.
  • Étape 2 : sélection parmi les propositions détaillées des équipes de recherche retenues à l’issue de la première étape.

Dates clés :

Étape 1

  • Clôture pour le dépôt des pré-propositions : 25 juillet 2016 à 13h00 (heure de Paris)

Étape 2

  • Clôture pour le dépôt des propositions détaillées (pour les candidats sélectionnés à l’étape 1 et qui seraient invités à soumettre une proposition complète) :

27 octobre 2016 à 13h00 (heure de Paris)

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UK research and the European Union

The Royal Society crestA referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union (EU) took place on 23 June 2016.
The Society has conducted a 3-part phased project gathering evidence about the influence of the UK’s relationship with the EU on UK research. It is intended to inform debate.

The role of the EU in funding UK research

The European research landscape is complex. Both the European Union (EU) and individual European countries fund research. Researchers collaborate with each other within Europe and internationally. This report provides an overview of EU research funding and its role in funding UK research.

The role of the EU in international research collaboration and researcher mobility

Science today is almost always complicated and often interdisciplinary, frequently requiring contributions from a variety of participants based in different places. Researchers collaborate to pool intellectual and physical resources. They tend to seek the best and most appropriate partners they can, wherever in the world they may be found. This report provides an insight into the role of the EU in these international research collaborations and the mobility of individual researchers.

The role of EU regulation and policy in governing UK research

This report provides an insight into the role of the EU in developing EU and global policies that influence research conducted in the UK. It provides an overview of how EU policy is made and a number of case studies illustrating the development and implementation of EU and global policy that govern UK research. More...

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For First Time in Modern Era, Living With Parents Edges Out Other Living Arrangements for 18- to 34-Year-Olds

Pew Research CenterBroad demographic shifts in marital status, educational attainment and employment have transformed the way young adults in the U.S. are living, and a new Pew Research Center analysis of census data highlights the implications of these changes for the most basic element of their lives – where they call home. In 2014, for the first time in more than 130 years, adults ages 18 to 34 were slightly more likely to be living in their parents’ home than they were to be living with a spouse or partner in their own household. More...

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Take the Fair Chance Pledge

Résultat de recherche d'images pour “We applaud the growing number of public and private sector organizations nationwide who are taking action to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to succeed, including individuals who have had contact with the criminal justice system. When almost 70 million Americans — nearly one in three adults — have a criminal record, it is important to remove unnecessary barriers that may prevent these individuals from gaining access to employment, training, education and other basic tools required for success in life.
We are committed to providing individuals with criminal records, including formerly incarcerated individuals, a fair chance to participate in the American economy.” More...

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Creating innovative regions: The role of universities in local growth and productivity

Résultat de recherche d'images pour Our latest report aims to bust a myth – that the main contribution of universities to innovation is through the commercialisation of their research.
Universities contribute so much more, particularly in their regions. Institutions like those in the Alliance are rooted in their regional economies. Many grew out of the needs of the industrial revolution and have been a stable presence ever since. They have longstanding networks of graduates in many different occupations and public sector bodies. They align their research activities to regional strengths.
They are hubs for innovation activity and are well placed to take on strategic and leadership roles to ensure the economic prosperity and productivity of their regions.

Creating innovative regions: The role of universities in local growth and productivity examines four important contributions that universities offer local businesses (especially micro and small firms) to innovate and scale up: knowledge, talent, access to finance and space. More...

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Improving Teaching Effectiveness: Impact on Student Outcomes

RAND CorporationIn the wake of our initial distribution of this report, the authors discovered an inconsistency in programming that may have a minor effect on the values of the numerical findings they reported on. The research team is currently rerunning and checking all of our calculations; RAND will issue a revised report in late summer, 2016. The issues we have discovered with respect to Improving Teaching Effectivensss: Impact on Student Outcomes do not affect the findings we’ve reported in the related reports in the Improving Teaching Effectiveness series. More...

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Analytic report on subjective well-being

http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/estat-theme/images/header/background.pngCe rapport analytique tente d'expliquer les variations en matière de bien être subjectif, en utilisant une série de variables qui décrivent la qualité de vie des individus inclus dans le cadre d'Eurostat sur la qualité de vie et l'analyse de régression multivariée come méthode. Trois modèles analytiques sont utilisés. Le premier contient juste des déterminants sociodémographiques (sexe, âge, nationalité, etc. – modèle 1), tandis que dans le deuxième des variables qui mesurent objectivement la qualité de la vie et qui font partie de chaque domaine inclus dans le cadre (conditions économiques et de sante, etc.) ont été ajoutées, pour tester leur influence. Dans le troisième model l'effet des variables additionnelles qui mesurent appréciations ou perceptions subjectives supplémentaires (bien-être mental, confiance) est testé. L'influence de différents types de déterminants du bien-être subjective est évaluée et décrite, en contrôlant pour l'effet des autres. La deuxième partie de l'article présente les résultats de ces modelés pour différents sous groupes de population (p. ex. sexe ou groupes d'âge particuliers). Une troisième partie de l'article examine l'influence de variables au niveau macroéconomique (PIB ou inégalité de revenue) sur la satisfaction dans la vie. La dernière partie passe au crible les tendances par pays pour les déterminants les plus influents qui ont été identifié en utilisant les modèles analysés dans les parties antérieures. More...

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