18 juillet 2016

Sliding doors – Visa chaos undermines international students in South Africa

By Karen MacGregor – Africa Editor. In Africa Analysis, Tom P Abeles maintains that student unrest in the United States and South Africa reflects deep problems with their education systems that academics and students ought to tackle together, and Jenny J Lee describes how the hit-or-miss enactment of immigration policies by South Africa is wreaking havoc among international students.
In Africa Features, we interview the executive director of the European Association for International Education Leonard Engel about issues confronting international education, ahead of the Global Conference on Internationalisation of Higher Education in South Africa next month. And Wachira Kigotho unpacks an African Development Bank report that accuses Egypt’s universities of exacerbating youth unemployment by failing to equip graduates with the skills to fill 600,000 private sector vacancies.
In World Blog, Hans de Wit contends that growing divides between world-class and other universities are tempting many institutions in directions of corruption and unethical behaviour.
In Commentary, among other articles Angel Calderon welcomes the new Times Higher Education Latin America university rankings, but writes that there is room for improvement and some omissions. Cristina González and Liliana Pedraja argue that Hillary Clinton’s plans for free tuition for some students and Chile’s bid to roll back privatisation represent the reassertion of higher education as a public good. And Robert Coelen and Jiang Bo outline the breathtaking scale of higher education internationalisation in China, and its key lines of development. Read more...

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