15 juillet 2016

Higher ed landscape

BC NEWSBy Ed Hayward. Responding to the explosive growth in the internationalization of colleges and universities around the world, the Center for International Higher Education is hosting summer workshops for delegations of administrators from universities in Russia, Mexico, and Asia. More...

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EURASHE calls for continuing opportunities for collaboration with British higher education

EURASHE, as a European representation of universities of applied science and other type of institutes of professional higher education, would like to express its regrets on the result of the British citizens’ vote in favour of leaving the European Union. During the campaign, higher and college education representatives in the United Kingdom declared their commitment to a common future and mutual collaboration with their European counterparts. More...

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Scotland's universities seek to boost their overseas influence

HomeBy Andrew Whitaker. THE reach of Scotland’s universities now stretches far beyond our homes shores, with campuses from Scottish institutions springing up in far flung destinations, in particular the Middle and Far East.
In the United Arab Emirates, the opening of Heriot-Watt University’s £35m campus in Dubai is one of the most significant overseas operations launched by a UK higher education institution in recent years. More...

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Is Panama on the verge of a scientific brain drain?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "sfgate.com logo"By Javier E. Sanchez-Galan. Government support for research into new scientific learning and new technologies is crucial – and difficult to get. What little money is available is hotly contested among researchers. They fight to justify investing taxpayer dollars in projects that at times appear risky, but offer significant returns if they are successful – solving global problems, advancing human knowledge and improving economic development. More...

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Why Indian students drift to foreign universities

ExamsWatch - News. Education. ExamsBy Every year. The US, UK, Australia, New Zealand are the preferred destinations sought for higher studies by students. Why is it that Indian students are opting to spend more money to study in foreign universities? Is it the lure of prestige, better career prospects or higher quality of education. More...

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Malaysia's higher education mid-year report

The Star OnlineBy Danial RahmanJust last week, QS announced its Asia University Rankings, and five Malaysian public universities were ranked in the top 100. In fact, two are in the top 50 – Universiti Malaya (UM) in 27th place and Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), in 49th place, with Universiti Sains Malaysia (51), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (55) and Universiti Teknologyi Malaysia (63) rounding up the top 100. More...

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Chinese Students See Value in British Education as Pound Plummets

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "sixthtone.com logo"By Sarah O'Meara.  When the value of the British pound hit a historic low against the dollar last Friday following Britain’s surprise vote to exit the European Union, not everyone thought it was bad news.
For young people studying in the U.K., a deflated local currency could trigger lower tuition bills and a quick win on currency conversion, say education consultants in Shanghai.
Zhang Lei, director of Tiandao Edu, helps 300 to 400 students apply to British higher education programs every year. More...

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Bid to buy for-profit college by former Obama insiders raises questions

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "politico.com logo"By and . As the Obama administration cracks down on for-profit colleges, three former officials working on behalf of an investment firm run by President Barack Obama’s best friend have staged a behind-the-scenes campaign to get the Education Department to green-light a purchase of the biggest for-profit of them all — the University of Phoenix. More...

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Canada-Mexico Education Cooperation

Coat of Arms of CanadaThe Government of Canada remains committed to ensuring that young Canadians receive the education and training they need to prepare for the jobs of today and tomorrow. International education is at the heart of Canada’s current and future prosperity and will help to strengthen the middle class and those working to join it.
Canada and Mexico have well-established and growing cooperation in education collaboration supported by over 400 inter-institutional agreements between Canadian and Mexican higher education institutions, as well as significant collaboration between Canadian provinces and territories and Mexican states. More...

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China warns students about 30 fake universities

By Khawaja Daud. Chinese students have been warned to steer clear of fake educational institutions, after an educational information website published a list of 30 such universities following the annual college entry exam in June. More...

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