16 juin 2016

Winner of the ISAS (2.0) design competition

IAU is pleased to announce that Muhammad Mahir Mohaimin from Daffodil International University, Bangladesh is the winner of the ISAS (2.0) design competition. IAU is looking forward to working with Muhammad Mahir Mohaimin to develop the logo and visual identity of the new ISAS (2.0) programme for advancing internationalization. Muhammad Mahir Mohaimin, as winner of the competition is invited to attend the IAU General Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, 13 – 16 November 2016. IAU thanks all other students who submitted their applications for the competition. All contributions were of very high quality and the competition was a real success. More...

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Key resources for marketing and recruitment: professionals weigh in

By . Today on the EAIE blog, we hear from three marketing and recruitment experts working in different national contexts. They are: Aisling Tiernan, who works across Europe, the Middle East and Africa; Andrew Disbury, who is based in the UK and works internationally; and Joanna Kumpula, who is active in Finland. They spill their secrets about the various resources available for international marketing professionals looking to stay up-to-date with today’s hectic international student recruitment and marketing sector. More...

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International higher education around the world

By . Even with all the globe-trotting we do in our profession, it’s not often we get the chance to do a world tour in just 60 minutes. The session ‘Exploring hot topics in international education through World café’, held at the NAFSA conference last week in Denver, gave participants just that opportunity. It was a tour of the globe, facilitated by the leaders of six international education associations, all members of the Network of International Education Associations (NIEA). More...

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Can we scale up the support for at-risk scholars and students?

By . Last week, special attention was paid to students and scholars having to leave their home country due to risk and persecution – both at the EAIE Spotlight Seminar in Amsterdam and at the Scholars at Risk (SAR) Global Congress 8–10 June in Montréal. At the SAR Global Congress – where I chaired a session on refugees and our Forum on Internationalisation in a conflicted world was distributed – a major focus point was the fact that the need for support is growing fast. It is up to our institutions to respond accordingly. More...

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Cooperation, innovation and influence in the refugee crisis

By . After looking at the bigger picture of the unfolding refugee crisis, learning about the values and role of higher education, and hearing from affected students and scholars on Thursday, the EAIE Spotlight Seminar continued the conversation into its second day. Several innovative practices were presented and challenging questions asked with a view towards continuing the discussion in the near future and learning for the distant future. Participants actively engaged in sharing experiences and thoughts, resulting in a strong message for the EAIE Annual Conference in Liverpool in September 2016. More...

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Resilience and strength in response to the refugee crisis

By . The first day of the Spotlight Seminar is behind us, and what a truly inspiring day it has been. EAIE President Laura Howard opened the day by reiterating the key role that the higher education community can play in the response to this crisis. Remarkable speakers set the tone for the productive discussions that followed the Opening Plenary. More...

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Discover a city reimagined at EAIE Liverpool 2016

By . A maritime city once central to the industrial landscape of the UK, Liverpool was deeply impacted by deindustrialisation. Today, the city of Liverpool is a thriving cosmopolitan centre with a booming higher education space that attracts international students and educators from all corners of the globe. The EAIE Liverpool 2016 programme is online and, much like our host city, the year’s offerings have been fully re-imagined. More...

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The Social Dimension of Erasmus+: Integration Through Volunteering

On Friday 24th June 2016, the Erasmus Student Network will host a conference in Brussels under the theme The Social Dimension of Erasmus+: Integration Through Volunteering.
Underlying the theme is the belief that the Erasmus+ experience has the possibility to foster active citizenship, hereby shaping a better future through the generation of young people who have lived the great adventure of mobility. More...

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The Nordic-Baltic Admission Manual - recognition and qualifications

Bologna Process - European Higher Education AreaThe Nordic-Baltic admission manual is a transparency and recognition tool for admissions officers in the Nordic and Baltic countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden.
The manual aims to present guidance on admission and recognition of higher education qualifications and to provide a basis for more automatic and smooth recognition of qualifications from the Nordic-Baltic region.
Access the online manual. More...

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