11 mai 2016

VET Leadership for the Future: Contexts, Characteristics & Capabilities

LH Martin InstituteResults of this study are detailed in a new report -  VET Leadership for the Future: Contexts, Characteristics & Capabilities published by the LH Martin Institute and the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). More...

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VET Leadership Capability Study

LH Martin InstituteThis study has produced a research-based understanding of the contexts and capabilities that underpin effective leadership in vocational education and training. It involved context reviews, consultations, research on leadership effectiveness, a national survey of VET leaders and a symposium. More...

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Higher Education in TAFE

LH Martin InstituteThis National Vocational Education and Training Research and Evaluation (NVETRE) funded project (2008-2009), explored the growth of higher education provision in TAFE. More...

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Rethinking Skills in VET: From Competencies to Capabilities

LH Martin InstituteThe NSW Board of Vocational Education and Training (BVET) commissioned LH Martin Institute Associate Professor Leesa Wheelahan and RMIT University's Gavin Moodie to prepare a paper on skills.The result is a report which argues that vocational training has to adapt to meet the needs of a changing society and economic conditions. More...

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Pathways and Programs Project

LH Martin InstituteAssoc Prof Leesa Wheelahan was commissioned by the Australian Qualifications Framework Council (AQFC) in 2009 to prepare a research report on pathways and programs in tertiary education in Australia. More...

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Vocations: the link between post-compulsory education and the labour market

LH Martin InstituteThis three-year project, funded by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER), investigates how to improve pathways within education, within work and between them. The project is using the notion of vocations to explore how we can better link educational and occupational progression. More...

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Sailing together or sinking in rough seas: leadership development in higher education

LH Martin InstituteFollowing on from Alison Johns’ recent Guardian post, Five ways to improve leadership in universities, we look to ways to develop leadership capacity for the many who contribute towards leadership in higher education. Johns asserts that university leaders would do well to consider a focus on creating development opportunities, proactively improving diversity, addressing work-life balance, attracting leaders with outside experience, and analysing the motivations of potential leaders. More...

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Touchstone on universities and clever Australia

LH Martin InstituteThe challenge of universities is to be more engaged with adding value to the competencies of their students in a supportive research environment. Competencies are broader than cognitive skills and extend also to the behavioural side. More...

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A Memory of Elephants on the Modern Campus

LH Martin InstituteThis paper explores the key public policy assumptions underlying three of the four sequential and overlapping phases of higher education and university research in Australia:

  • The academic-elite phase (1945 – 1985)
  • The state-mass phase (1985 – 2005)
  • The market-universal phase (post-2005).

The pre-1945 phase, which largely pre-dated Australian government involvement in higher education, is not explored in this paper, except to the extent of its academic-elite and market legacies. More...

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Australian Universities Overseas Student Recruitment: Financing Strategies and Outcomes 2004-2014

LH Martin InstituteIn their second article in the Australian Universities Finances series, Frank Larkins and Ian Marshman focus on the highly competitive international student market and analyse our universities performance over the period 2004-2014. Their analysis reinforces some of the conclusions in their previous paper and the 2013 LH Martin Institute/ACER University Profiling Study, namely that our university sector shows clear signs of differentiation that reinforce the stratified nature of the system. More...

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