05 mai 2016

IAU Horizons, vol. 21, no.3, World Higher Education News

IAU_Horizons_Vol_21_3_Couv_ENThis issue is fully devoted to the presentation of IAU projects and initiatives. It focuses specifically on the preparations for the IAU 15th General Conference; provides a full report of the outcomes of the IAU 2015 International Conference and details results and opportunities linked to the IAU key thematic priorities of work. As well please read about the new Members welcomed since October ; read the papers selected for two dossiers, one on The blurring divide between public and private higher education: where does it lead?, with papers from Pakistan, France, Saudi Arabia and the US and the second on the initiatives developed to assist Refugees wishing to integrate higher education. IAU Horizons, vol.21, no.3.
Message from the SECRETARY GENERAL
WHAT KEEPS AN ASSOCIATION LIKE IAU TOGETHER? Among the important ingredients, I would cite a shared set of ideals and values among Members, their common interests and experiences, the possibilities to learn from one another, occasions for building relationships. Of course there is more – a dynamic leadership, tangible benefits such as publications, a helpful, knowledgeable, hard-working and responsive staff.
I believe that IAU offers all this and more and for this reason, this issue of IAU Horizons focuses more on the work of the Association (past, present and future), rather than offering an in depth look at a specific theme, as has been our tradition.
This is a particularly opportune time to share news about our work: a few months ago, we held a highly successful international conference at the University of Siena; in a few months, we will meet in Bangkok for the IAU 15th General Conference. You can read the report on the former, and learn more about the latter in the pages of this magazine.
It is also an opportune time to focus on IAU activities because the Association is in a transition, preparing a new 4-year strategic plan and thus taking stock of achievements of the past. With the help of the Administrative Board, IAU is aligning some of its work to the new UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, reviewing the internationalization services it offers to Members, determining what niche to address in the broad debate about ICTs in higher education, consolidating the new programme for professional development (LGEU) and entering into new partnerships, for example with l’Etudiant in France and the Global Access to Postsecondary Education initiative.
The General Conference – 13-16 November 2016, hosted by a Consortium of Thai Universities led by Siam University and held at Chulalongkorn University, will help celebrate 100 years of higher education system in Thailand, see the election of a new President and Board of the IAU and launch the Association’s new strategic plan. More in IAU Horizons, vol.21, no.3.

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