13 avril 2016

NGO expands tertiary education to remote refugee camp

By Andrew Green. An innovative non-governmental organisation is breaking some of the toughest barriers to attaining a university education imaginable – offering refugees living in Kiziba, a remote camp tucked away in far eastern Rwanda, access to degree courses. More...

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Tertiary council considers bill to upgrade polytechnics

By Francis Kokutse. From the beginning of the 2016-17 academic year, six polytechnics – Accra, Ho, Koforidua, Kumasi, Sunyani and Takoradi – will operate as technical universities and the government said the institutions have upgraded laboratories and workshops. More...

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National library director refuses order to fire staff

By Stefan Lundberg and Jan Petter Myklebust. "I had a list of whom to fire in my drawer and I had attended a course in how to handle mass firing of staff. But I decided: I will not do it – I will not fire my staff – whatever happens to me," Kai Ekholm, Finnish chief librarian and director of the National Library of Finland, said to the Finnish newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet last month. More...

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Pressure to redirect funds spent on student financing

By Jan Petter Myklebust. Proposals to redirect funding from Denmark’s student financing system to universities, thus shifting more of the costs of higher education to students, have met with opposition from Akademikerne – the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations, an umbrella organisation with 25 associations and 336,000 members who are typically employees with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. More...

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New directions – Keeping up with students of the future

By Nic Mitchell. Contrasting visions of the direction of international higher education – from MOOC-like masters degrees to undergraduate programmes in seven countries for students who want a true global experience – were presented to the first “Student of the Future” conference organised by Dutch-based StudyPortals. More...

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Human rights obligations are part and parcel of transnational education

By Brendan O’Malley – Managing Editor. In Commentary this week, Gearóid Ó Cuinn argues that transnational oversight of education programmes is not detached from human rights obligations and universities involved are responsible for due diligence and monitoring for abuses. Dean Hristov encourages universities to use big data and predictive analytics to predict future skills needs and thereby develop future-ready global talent. Terje Mørland and Stig Arne Skjerven urge the implementation of a European qualifications passport for refugees as a fast-track scheme to evaluate refugees’ educational background.
In our World Blog, Nita Temmerman points to one common denominator in all successful education systems – good quality teachers – and emphasises the importance of treating them like professionals.
And in Features Reuben Kyama outlines the ambitious plans for the African Leadership University, launched in Mauritius last month with the aim of training Africa’s future leaders, while Jan Petter Myklebust reports on the findings of a Swedish study on the use and effects of the tenure track system in six different countries. More...

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US university dominance challenged by new ranking

By Nic Mitchell. The United States’ dominance of the international university rankings is challenged in the latest edition of U-Multirank released on 4 April. More...

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University rankings must make sure methodology changes are fair

By Michelle Paterson and Karen MacGregor. In Commentary, Richard Holmes and Waldemar Siwinski argue that while university rankings are justified in making changes to methodologies, they should play fair in order to limit the serious damage that can be caused to universities. Ross Paul looks into why there has been a sharp rise in the attrition rates of new university presidents in Canada, and concludes that governing boards should shoulder much of the blame.
Julien Jacqmin and Mathieu Lefebvre find that experience in both academia and politics is an ideal combination for a higher education minister, and Michaela Martin describes international research into effective internal quality assurance solutions for higher education systems around the world.
In World Blog, Patrick Blessinger argues that in a rapidly changing world, a framework is needed to understand the global higher education landscape and its trends – many of them positive.
In Features, Nic Mitchell outlines contrasting visions of international higher education presented at the first “Student of the Future” conference in the Netherlands. Andrew Green visits a refugee camp in remote Rwanda where an NGO is providing a university education to people who had little hope of accessing higher education, and Jenny Adams explores the history of student loans. More...

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Le centre hospitalier de Toulon-La Seyne et l’Université officialisent leur partenariat scientifique

Mondial à Pétanque La MarseillaisePar . Une université scientifique (et pas que) d'un côté et un centre hospitalier dernier cri de l'autre (et le plus gros de la région en dehors des CHU). Il en fallait pas plus pour les deux structures marient leurs efforts pour faire avancer la recherche. Voir l'article...

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L'université veut se rapprocher toujours plus du monde de l'entreprise

Retour accueilConcilier fin des études et début de carrière n'est pas toujours chose aisée. L'insertion professionnelle est un "vrai sujet de préoccupation" pour les responsables de l'université de Corse, qui se sont "engagés dans une politique résolument tournée vers ce sujet depuis plusieurs années". Voir l'article...

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