30 mars 2016

Grenelle de l'apprentissage : 4 ateliers pour avancer

Orientation Pays de la LoireC’est autour de 4 questions que se sont déroulés les ateliers du Grenelle régional de l’apprentissage. Et à chaque question, son sujet. Retour atelier par atelier.

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evalbox, logiciel de questionnaire gratuit en ligne pour créer et gérer vos examens - QCM en ligne ou sur papier

logoPermettre sans effort, de gérer des QCMs les plus variés possibles, auto-corrigés, auto-archivants, sur un système construit pour éliminer la fraude
evalbox est une plateforme d'évaluation pour gérer des tests QCM en ligne. C'est un outil professionnel, facile à utiliser, avec un mécanisme de correction automatique de vos tests et questionnaires. Vous générez simplement vos QCM par tirage au sort à partir de banques de questions, ou manuellement en choisissant vos questions, planifiez vos sessions d'examen, et les candidats peuvent passer les examens en ligne. Voir l'article...

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In defence of maths

The ConversationBy . There’s a popular myth that Alfred Nobel had wanted to create a prize for mathematics but didn’t want his love rival, the Swedish mathematician Gosta Mittag-Leffler, to win and so scrapped the idea. More...

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Academics admit feeling pressure to embellish possible impact of research

The ConversationBy  and . Academics applying for research funding have expressed their concern at feeling the need to exaggerate and embellish the possible future impact of their work. In a series of interviews with senior academics in the UK and Australia for our new study, several told us that the process of writing statements about the imagined future impact of their research could feel like the creation of “falsehoods” and “untruths”, particularly when the impact was not immediately apparent. More...

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Hard Evidence: how many people actually use libraries?

The ConversationBy . There’s no doubt that people in the UK value libraries. They are seen as an asset to communities, offering a calm, quiet, neutral space, where anyone can access information for work or leisure. When libraries are threatened with closure, community groups and public figures spring into action to try to save them. More...

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Tongue-tied: Britain has forgotten how to speak to its European neighbours

The ConversationBy . The decline in the number of students of modern languages from GCSE to degree level is an annual lament. Only 10,328 pupils in the UK took French at A Level in 2015 and although Spanish enjoyed a rise in entries at A Level of 14%, German continued its steady decline. More...

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African academics face a huge divide between their real and scholarly selves

The ConversationBy . African scholarship on Africa is operating at only a fraction of its true potential. It is hampered by the preferences, policies and politics of the Western academy. There are three reasons for my assertion. More...

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The way schools are funded in England is ripe for reform – here’s why

The ConversationBy . The government has moved to iron out inequalities in how much money schools in different parts of the country can spend on each of their pupils. Nicky Morgan, the education secretary, has launched a consultation on replacing the system of funding schools in England through the development of a new school-level national funding formula. More...

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Massive expansion of universities in Asia raises tough questions on social mobility

The ConversationBy . Universities in East and South-East Asia have experienced significant expansion in the last few decades. Enrolment in higher education in Asia has increased by over 50% in the last 10 years and by a higher percentage in countries such as China. In recent years, universities in mainland China have produced over seven million graduates a year, up from one million in 2000. More...

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Why teachers in France should stop giving pupils outdated English names

The ConversationBy . It’s back to school for children in France after the half-term winter holidays, which means a return to a particular teaching tradition: giving English names to students who are learning the language for the first time. More...

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