28 mars 2016

Tale o’the Tape

By Matt Reed. Cost of one hardcopy of “Principles of Economics, 7th Edition,” by Gregory Mankiw: $387.95
Cost of three credits of in-county tuition for Introduction to Economics at Brookdale: $368.25
Value of Open Educational Resources: Priceless. More...

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Reflections Upon Re-Entry

By Matt Reed. The League conference wrapped up on Wednesday in the way that conferences usually do: a half-day in which the dress code abruptly changed. The skirts and suits of the first couple of days were gone, in favor of jeans and pullovers. Even after all these years, I’m still a little surprised by that. More...

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League, Day Three: It’s Not That Simple

By Matt Reed. The first presentation, on a multi-factor placement experiment in New York, set the tone. Multi-factor placement is becoming an obsession of mine. More...

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League Day Two: Now What?

By Matt Reed. The unofficial theme of day two of the League conference seemed to be “now what?” Nearly every talk was some variation on “this may or may not work, but what you’re doing now clearly isn’t.” I liked the challenge. More...

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League, Day 1: Uncovering Hidden Talent

By Matt Reed. I’m at the League for Innovation conference in Chicago. Given how badly Illinois is treating its public higher education sector, I’m guessing this (and next month’s AACC, also here) may be the last hurrah for professional development for many of the people here for quite a while. More...

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Reverse Transfer and Expiration Dates

By Matt Reed. On my campus, we’re starting to take seriously the idea of “reverse transfer.” In this context, that refers to students who started here, then transferred to a four-year school before graduating. More...

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A Query About Queries

By Matt Reed. I have amazing readers. I’m hoping some of you can help me with this one.
If you were trying to help a community college improve its students’ success rates, what statistics would you find the most helpful. More...

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By Matt Reed. When a low-income parent gets evicted, what happens?
Matthew Desmond’s new book, Evicted, looks closely at what happens to a series of low-income people, mostly parents, in Milwaukee. It should be required reading for anyone who works at a community college or a public school in a low-income area. More...

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Mobility Looks Different From Here

By Matt Reed. Apparently, the University of California system has commissioned an “exit survey” to identify why faculty leave. The idea is to help reduce unwanted departures and the various costs of attrition. More...

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Becoming More Themselves

By Matt Reed. “What SXSWedu needs is probably needs is more skeptical faculty to attend.”
I’ve never been to SXSWedu, but this line from Josh Kim’s dispatch made a lot of sense to me. More...

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