14 mars 2016

International experiences can lead to an international job

Born in Genova, Daphne is Italian by nationality but has enjoyed a life in an international context, both through studying and working as a volunteer. Already in 2003, Daphne had her first experience abroad, when she attended a high school cultural exchange. After one year in the US, Daphne started her undergraduate degree in Italy. More...

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Introducing.. HousErasmus+!

Supported by the European Commission, the Erasmus Student Network is embarking on a brand new project, called HousErasmus+, that aims to improve the housing situation of international students. More...

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Growing into a Unicorn - Part 2

Think about learning as a game of Tetris. Finding ways the separate pieces of information fit into each other in the best way possible. You play on your own, there is no opponent, nobody is trying to make you lose. And yet, if you recall there is no way to win Tetris. Your score just keeps increasing the longer you play. More...

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Recognition of higher education qualifications for refugees

Bologna Process - European Higher Education AreaThe Syria Crisis was highlighted by students and higher education experts meeting to discuss the recognition of higher education qualifications for refugees.
Refugees and displaced persons face special challenges in respect of access to education, one of which is the assessment and recognition of qualifications and access where documentation is missing or incomplete.
On 29 February, 2016, the 7th Meeting of the Committee of the Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region also known as the Lisbon Recognition Convention (LRC) was held at the UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris. More...

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Comparative analysis of the ESG 2015 and ESG 2005

Bologna Process - European Higher Education AreaThe EQUIP project has published a Comparative analysis of the ESG 2015 and ESG 2005. This paper provides an overview of the changes in the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) as they were adopted by the Ministers responsible for higher education in 2015 in Yerevan compared to the ESG first published in 2005, including an outline of the changes in the context, scope, purposes and principles; a description of changes in the wording of the standards; and an analysis of the content of the related guidelines. More...

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2nd edition of the Bologna Process Researchers Conference

Bologna Process - European Higher Education AreaBridging the gap between higher education research and policy making was always a challenge, but the recent calls for more evidence-based policies have opened a window of unprecedented opportunity for researchers to bring more contributions to shaping the future of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).
Encouraged by the success of the 2011 first edition, Romania and Armenia have organised a 2nd edition of the Future of Higher Education – Bologna Process Researchers’ Conference (FOHE-BPRC) in November 2014, with the support of the Italian Presidency of the European Union and as part of the official EHEA agenda. Reuniting over 170 researchers from more than 30 countries, the event was a forum to debate the trends and challenges faced by higher education today and look at the future of European cooperation in higher education
. More...

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Students' Perspective of the Bologna Process in Armenia

ESU - European Students' UnionHigher education in Armenia is currently facing the pressure of reforms as well as tremendous opportunities for development.  
Armenia, joining the Bologna Process in 2005, initiated the implementation of a number of fundamental reforms in the field of education and in particular in higher education.
Nowadays, those responsible for higher education constantly single out the importance of introducing an effective system and confirm that Armenia is implementing this process at the satisfactory level. More...

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ESU's response to the renewed Modernisation Agenda for Higher Education in EU

ESU - European Students' UnionESU firmly believes that the EU should reflect the interests of the countries and the academic community throughout its policies, and to recognise the role of students in decision-making at all levels. More...

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University Mental Health & Wellbeing Day: How to cope when studying abroad

ESU - European Students' UnionUniversity can be difficult, which is exactly the reason University Mental Health Day is taking place on 3 March. The event focuses on promoting mental health in higher education institutions and reminds students about all the ways they can seek help if they’re feeling depressed while at university. More...

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Academic freedom in Egypt: We need justice for PhD student killed in Egypt

ESU - European Students' UnionGiulio Regeni, a 28 years old Italian PhD student at the University of Cambridge, has been killed in Egypt while conducting researches for his thesis.
Regeni was a PhD student at Girton College of Cambridge. He was born in Fiumicello (Udine), in Italy, where he started his studies. After living for some years in Trieste as a high school student, he won a grant and completed school in New Mexico. He then moved to University of Leeds, where he graduated in “Arabic and Politics” and decided to go to Cambridge for a Master in Development and a PhD at the Department of Politics and International Studies. For research purposes, he moved to Egypt in order to study the actions of the Egyptian Worker Unions and other movement engaged in the fight against the regime of al-Sisi.
Giulio Regeni disappeared in Cairo on the 25th of January, 2016, at 8 pm while he was going from Behoos Station to Midan Babellouk. Only a couple of hours after he was last seen, the campaign #whereisGiulio? spread on social networks - nobody knew where he could be and authorities themselves were denying arresting him or even having been in contact with him. At the same time, Italian national newspapers were referring to the 2015 report of Human Rights Watch, saying that thousands of arrested people in Egypt have completed disappeared: in some cases somebody reappeared, after a long time, in jail but the large majority was not found anymore. In any case, all of those who disappeared were somehow related to the opposition to the Egyptian President, Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi.
On the 4th of February, 2016, Regeni’s dead body was found and the news spread rapidly. The first newspaper reporting it, the Egyptian “Al Watan”, said the dead body of a young man was found in a ditch in Cairo. It was a naked body with visible signs of torture.
Giulio has been tortured to death: the autopsy made in “La Sapienza”, in Rome, revealed he was beaten up, having all thumbs broken, the nails teared away, seven broken ribs, signs of electric shocks to his genitals, razor cuts all over his body, his nose and ears mutilated, huge cigarettes’ marks and a cerebral hemorrhage.
International media are actually stuck on two different positions: some believe Giulio was killed by the security service of Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi because of his research on the activity of the Egyptian leftist movement in opposition to the Government; others, mainly Egyptian media, believe that he was killed by secret service agents, close to the Muslim Brotherhood, who did so to create problems to the Egyptian Government.
What we know, for sure, is that Giulio has been killed because of his research activity. His murder was a direct attack to academic freedom, showing once again how Education is the scariest threat to all kind of regimes.
Giulio was a young man willing to better understand the world. He knew the dangers of his research but decided to continue anyways, not only for himself but for all of us, just like every scholar does on his or her field of studies.
We need justice for Giulio. More...

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