12 mars 2016

University safety culture: a work-in-progress?

By Ian Dobson. Safety management systems in Australian higher education organisations are under-researched. Limited workplace safety information can be found in the various reports on university human resources benchmarking programs, and typically they show only descriptive statistics. More...

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Doctorate motivation: an (auto)ethnography

By Ian Dobson. Intrinsic motivation is considered the dominant factor in the motivation of adult students in continuing postgraduate education. However, the strength of an intrinsic motivation to learn does not explain the phenomenon of dropout where the student withdraws and does not return or where the student withdraws and then recommences their postgraduate research studies. More...

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Australian legal education at a cross roads

By Ian Dobson. With globalising transnational corporate law firms, high rates of depression among law students and lawyers, and a changing role for lawyers in the world of dispute resolution, academics and professional bodies have been doing some soul searching. They are pondering just what is required in a law degree to train future lawyers adequately. More...

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The hidden topography of Australia’s arts nation: The contribution of universities to the artistic landscape

By Ian Dobson. In Arts Nation 2015, the Australia Council documented the current landscape of artistic endeavour in Australia, acknowledging that there are still gaps that need to be filled to build a greater public understanding of the arts in Australia. The contribution of Australian universities to the arts is one such lacuna. More...

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Talent management for universities

By Ian Dobson. This paper explores human resource management practices in the university sector with a specific focus on talent pools and talent management more generally. The paper defines talent management in the context of the university sector and then explores its interdependence with organisational strategy, the metrics used to measure academic performance and current day-to-day management practices. More...

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Public-private partnership in higher education - CQU meets CMS

By Ian Dobson. Massive growth in the numbers of fee-paying international students and an increasing private sector role are two of the most salient features of Australian higher education in the past quarter century. Both these trends were evident in a little known partnership, involving a public regional university and a private entrepreneur, which had its origins in 1993. More...

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Colloque "Les Fondements de la filiation"

Inscription dans la cadre de la formation continue
Le service Formation Continue et le laboratoire LexFEIM ((Laboratoire d’études en droits fondamentaux, des échanges internationaux et de la mer) de l'université du Havre vous proposent de participer au colloque "Les Fondements de la filiation" organisé sur 3 demi-journées les 10 et 11 mars prochain à l'université du Havre.
Réunissant praticiens du droit, chercheurs, magistrats, avocats et notaires, ce colloque vise dans une approche pluridisciplinaire à explorer les fondements de la filiation. En effet, les bouleversements sociétaux associés à la réévaluation du concept même de famille ont conduit à s’interroger sur l’adaptation réflexive du cadre normatif à ces évolutions, initiant un véritable choix éthique et ontologique sur ce qu’est la filiation. Les débats concernant l’assistance médicale à la procréation, la gestation pour autrui, le tourisme procréatif sont autant d’exemples de cette nécessité de penser voire de repenser la filiation dans le cadre de nos sociétés contemporaines, permettant à terme de comprendre le droit positif.
Les échanges autour de ce sujet transverse qu'est la filiation se réaliseront sur trois demi-journée, permettant ainsi aux professionnels que vous êtes de moduler leur participation en fonction de leur intérêt pour les thématiques abordées :

Demi-journée N°1 : 10/03/16 - après-midi - LES FONDEMENTS DE LA FILIATION EN DROIT INTERNE


Demi-journée N°3 : 11/03/16 - après-midi - LA DIVERSITE DES FONDEMENTS DE LA FILIATION DANS LE MONDE

Pour plus d'informations nous vous invitons à découvrir la présentation en ligne de ce colloque : https://www.univ-lehavre.fr/spip.php?article823
Les professionnels sont invités à s’inscrire en ligne via la page suivante : https://www-apps.univ-lehavre.fr/colloque_fonde...
Réponse souhaitée avant le 03/03/2016.
Je reste à votre disposition pour plus de précisions sur les modalités d'inscription dans le cadre d'une action de formation continue au 02 32 74 44 82 et/ou diffuser l'information. Voir l'article...

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Latest edition of AUR out now - vol 58 no 1

By Ian Dobson. The first issue of Australian Universities' Review for 2016 (vol. 58, no. 1) is now available online. Members who have opted-in will received their paper copy in the post in the coming days.
https://issuu.com/nteu/docs/aur_58-01. More...

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The rising tide of insecure employment at Australian universities

By Jeannie Rea. This briefing paper from the NTEU Policy and Research Unit provides an analysis of the most recent Australian university staffing data. Our analysis of Departmental data demonstrates that since 2000 the rising tide of insecure employment has become a tidal wave, not only corroding the Australian university workforce but potentially displacing the very concept of academic tenure. More...

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Apparently when it comes to VET, what you don’t know - can’ hurt you

By Paul Kniest. The Federal government seems to be adopting an interesting approach to stopping the rorts and rip-offs that have undermined the quality and integrity of Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) sector as a direct result of failed demand driven fully contestable market policies in this sector of tertiary education. More...

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