12 mars 2016

HEP 29/1 - Just released

The first edition of Volume 29 of Higher Education Policy (HEP) has just been released, and presents us with seven mixed-themed article.
- Dominated by Economics? Evidence of Changing Drivers of Internationalization and Its Funding Within Higher Education Institutions in Europe – Ross Hudson;
- Rapid Expansion of Higher Education in Turkey: The Challenges of Recently Established Public Universities (2006–2013) - Murat Özog caronlu, Bekir S Gür and Sedat Gümüs;
- The Perceived Benefits of International Partnerships in Africa: A Case Study of Two Public Universities in Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo - Felly Chiteng Kot;
- Higher Education as Modulator of Gender Inequalities: Evidence of the Spanish Case - José Manuel Pastor, Carlos Peraita and Ángel Soler;
- Public Costs, Relative Subsidies, and Repayment Burdens of Federal US Student Loan Plans: Lessons for Reform - Daniel C Hauser and Alison Johnston;
- Graduates’ Perceptions about Labour Market Competencies : Does the Type of Institution and Programme Make a Difference? - Pedro Teixeira, Pedro Nuno Teixeira, Sónia Cardoso, Maria João Rosa and António Magalhães;
- Language Policy as a Sociocultural Tool: Insights from the University of Cape Town - Magda Karjalainen. More...
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