01 mars 2016

Intellectually gifted students often have learning disabilities

The ConversationBy . Mention the terms “intellectual giftedness” and “learning disability” and there is a general understanding of what each term means. However, most people are unaware that in many circumstances the two can go hand in hand. More...

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University councils need greater expertise, including staff and student voices

The ConversationBy . The proposed restructure of the University of Sydney Senate has caused much controversy recently. Sydney University intends to reduce the size of the Senate from 22 to 15 members, and reduce the role for alumni and elected academic staff representatives.
University governance usually doesn’t attract great public attention, but it is a bit different when outcry comes from some high-powered and highly-respected Australians. More...

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Safe Schools Coalition: what is the Christian Right afraid of?

The ConversationBy . At the instigation of conservative Liberal senator Cory Bernardi, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has requested an investigation into the Safe Schools Coalition. In doing so, Turnbull has given voice to, and legitimised, discredited and prejudiced views that inclusive sexuality education will turn kids gay. More...

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How universities can redress inequality

The ConversationBy . To expect a single index to capture a person’s achievement to date and their potential for a particular course of study is simplistic and reductionist.
The ATAR is a gift to the media, enabling it to portray nuanced admission methods as hypocritical discounting, and persistently confusing a rank with a mark. More...

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How universities make inequality worse

The ConversationBy . In the last 50 years higher education has expanded, but so has social inequality. There is a causal connection, one which can be reduced or dismantled to some extent.
The Gini coefficient is a useful starting point to measure inequality. If all the income of a group were shared equally, there would be perfect equality and the coefficient would be 0. If it were all owned by one person, the coefficient would be 1. More...

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Ten rules for successful research collaboration

The ConversationBy  and . The federal government announced last year that it wants to see more collaboration between academia and industry. The government believes this will help “find solutions to real world problems and create jobs and growth”. More...

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‘Quality assurance’ must be reimagined at Ethiopia’s universities

The ConversationBy . Quality assurance has emerged as one of universities' most significant management tools in this quest. It has become a feature of every continent’s higher education system. Its major drive is to ensure that universities provide quality higher education based on a minimum set of criteria and standards. At the same time, it is expected to improve quality within an institution. More...

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Higher education gets a fair deal in tough times from Budget 2016

The ConversationBy  and . University funding was, as always, among the items covered during the speech - but this year South Africans were probably listening more closely than usual. Funding and fee allocations have become a major national talking point since the #FeesMustFall movement emerged towards the end of 2015. More...

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Why universities need brave, bold leaders more than ever

The ConversationBy . There has been an academic revolution in higher education over the past 50 years. It’s been marked by disruptive innovation – think of how rapid technological advances have widened access, such as through Massive Open Online Courses. More...

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Kenya’s universities are in the grip of a quality crisis

The ConversationBy . If you walk down a busy street in one of Kenya’s larger cities, you’ll pass pubs, restaurants, supermarkets, brothels – and universities' branch campuses. More...

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