28 février 2016

3 Bethune-Cookman Students Shot, 1 Fatally

HomeThree students at Bethune-Cookman College were shot at a party early Saturday and the injuries were fatal for one student, a football player, The Orlando Sentinel reported. The injured students were shot in the back and the head. Read more...

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Canadian University Rejects Statues of Prime Ministers

HomeWilfrid Laurier University is named for the man who was prime minister of Canada from 1896 to 1911. But on Wednesday night the university's board rejected a plan it had previously approved to place statues of 22 former prime ministers on its campus, CBC News reported. Read more...

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Islamologie et radicalisation : un poste universitaire créé à Aix-Marseille

AccueilIslamologie et radicalisation : pour renforcer la recherche dans ces deux domaines, la ministre de l'Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem et son secrétaire d'Etat Thierry Mandon ont annoncé vendredi la création de postes dans six universités ou écoles dès la rentrée.
Six établissements, sur vingt-sept ayant répondu à la campagne, ont été choisis : 

  • Panthéon-Sorbonne (création d'un poste de maître de conférences autour du thème de la "radicalité islamique")
  • Strasbourg (création d'une licence d'islamologie)
  • Aix-Marseille (poste d'enseignant-chercheur sur l'islam dans la cité en temps de mondialisation)
  • Lyon (poste d'ingénieur de recherche sur l'histoire de la pensée islamique)
  • Ecole pratique des hautes études (création d'un poste de directeur d'études en islamologie, exégèse et théologie de l'islam sunnite). Voir l'article...

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Police Release Footage of Princeton Professor's Arrest

HomePolice in Princeton, N.J., have released dash-cam footage showing the arrest arrest of a black Princeton University professor, who has said via social media that the arrest was unjust and she was mistreated by police. Read more...

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Jewish Professors Charge Wheelock With Bias

HomeTwo Jewish professors have filed complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charging Wheelock College with anti-Jewish bias, The Boston Globe reported. The complaints say that after the professors complained about a lack of Jewish perspective in various campus discussions, the administration spread false reports that they were racist, hurting their reputations and careers. Read more...

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Top Scientists, Children and Decisions to Move

HomeA new study of elite life scientists finds that they are more likely than other life scientists to relocate, but the age of their children may discourage them from doing so. The study (abstract available here) was released by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Read more...

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Coursera Introduces Project-Based Courses

HomeLearners in massive open online courses often have nothing more than a certificate to show for their work, but MOOC provider Coursera is launching a new series of courses that offer something a little more tangible. Read more...

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Antitrust Case Against Duke and UNC May Move Forward

HomeA legal challenge to an alleged no-hire agreement between Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has survived an important test. On Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Catherine Eagles rejected the universities’ request to dismiss a lawsuit from an assistant professor of radiology at Duke who claimed that she’d been denied a job at North Carolina due to an alleged agreement that the two universities wouldn’t recruit from each others’ faculties. Read more...

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Cornell to Be Need Aware for International Students

HomeOne of the few institutions to practice need-blind admissions for applicants from abroad will begin considering the financial need of prospective international undergraduates in admissions decisions. Read more...

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Texas A&M Investigates Reports of Racist Slurs

HomeTexas A&M University is investigating reports that students yelled racial slurs at a group of high school students during a campus tour this week. Read more...

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