International Review of Research in Open and Distributed LearningTable of Contents

Research Articles

Editorial -- CIDER is born
Terry Anderson
Bill Anderson, Mary Simpson
P. Clint Rogers, Scott L. Howell
Sandra Semchuk, Laural Tien
Rory McGreal
Brent G. Wilson, Stacey Ludwig-Hardman, Christine L. Thornam, Joanna C. Dunlap

Research Notes

B.K. Passi, Sudarshan Mishra

Book Notes

Online Education and Learning Management Systems: Global e-Learning in a Scandinavian Perspective
Daniel Peraya
Papers and Debates on the Economics and Costs of Distance and Online Learning
Alaa Sadik
Theory and Practice of Online Learning
Morten Paulsen

Technical Notes

Advanced Accessibility Features for Inclusive Distance Education
Linda Schwartz
Assistive Software for Disabled Learners
Sharon Clark, Jon Baggaley
Defining a Theological Education Community
John Palka
Marriage Mentorship at a Distance
Harry Doxsee
The International Learning Object Metadata Survey
Norm Friesen
WebCT: A major shift of emphasis
Barbara Morningstar, Jeremy Schubert, Kristine Thibeault

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IRRODL Volume 5, Number 3