International Review of Research in Open and Distributed LearningTable of Contents


Editorial - The Hybridzation of Higher Education: Cross national perspectives
Peter S. Cookson

Research Articles

Roger Lewis
Frederick Michael Litto
Douglas Shale
Weiyuan Zhang, Guozhen Jiang, Jian Niu
Hans-Henning Kappel, Burkhard Lehmann, Joachim Loeper
Sara Guri-Rosenblit
Gunnar Grepperud, Anne Marie Støkken, Jan Atle Toska
Yau Jane Chen
Ted Nunan, Ian Reid, Holly McCausland
Omayra Parra de Marroquin, Lina Clarizia Corredor
Albert Sangrà
Bohdan Shunevych
Darcy W. Hardy, Robert L. Robinson
Gregory L. Waddoups, Scott L. Howell

Book Notes

Book Review - Distance and Campus Universities: Tensions and Interactions. Author: Sara Guri-Rosenblit
Ian Mugridge
Book Review - The "E" is for Everything: E-commerce, E-Business, and E-Learning in the Future of Higher Education. Editors: Richard N. Katz and Diana G. Oblinger
Jos H.A.N. Rikers
Book Review - Cohort Programming and Learning. Authors: I. M. Saltiel and C. S. Russo
Patrick J. Fahy
Book Review - Building Learning Communities in Cyberspace: Effective Strategies for the Online Classroom. Authors: Rena M. Palloff and Keith Pratt
Ramesh Sharma

Technical Notes

Editorial - Online Software Evaluation Reports
Jon Baggaley
Online Learners' Interest in Collaborative Tools
Tom Kane, Jon Baggaley
Selection of Collaborative Tools
Tom Kane, Jon Baggaley
Text-based Conferencing Products
Debbie Garber, Jennifer Stein, Jon Baggaley
Internet Audio Products
Duane Weaver, Deborah Guspie, Jon Baggaley
Classification of DE Delivery Systems
Diane Belyk, Jeremy Schubert, Jon Baggaley

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