16 février 2016

NTEU welcomes Universities Australia's Respect. Now. Always. campaign

By Andrew MacDonald. The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) applauds Universities Australia (UA) on the launch of its new campaign aimed at preventing sexual assault and harassment on university campuses. More...

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NTEU claims Future of Higher Education Workforce Report a lost opportunity

By Jeannie Rea. The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) says that today’s release of a report entitled Australian Higher Education Workforce of the Future undertaken by PWC on behalf of the Australian Higher Education Industrial Association (AHEIA) adds little, if anything,  to the understanding of the workforce issues confronting our universities. More...

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The NTEU completely supports the provision of A&TSI-specific services on campus

By Celeste Liddle. Over the past few days, there has been a lot of coverage regarding a former Aboriginal employee of QUT who has chosen to take legal action under the Racial Discrimination Act with regards to racism and discrimination she experienced whilst an employee. For the purposes of this post, we are not going to revisit her case in the hope that due process will be followed and a satisfactory agreement will be reached. Instead, the NTEU wishes to address the damaging and outlandish claims made in the coverage of this case by the mainstream media to attempt to better educate the public on the worth and need for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander places on campus. More...

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NUS launches Talk About It Survey

By Jeannie ReaToday, the National Union of Students (NUS) Womens Department has released the results from the 2015 ‘Talk About It,’ survey, revealing a range of alarming statistics about the experiences of women studying at Australian Universities. More...

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#LetThemStay day of action

By Andrew MacDonald. Thank you for signing the letter calling on the Prime Minister to release the children in detention in Australia and on Nauru. The letter is at http://academicsforrefugees.wordpress.com and attached.
As many of you know, tomorrow Friday is an important day of action to #LetThemStay – please see below.  You are warmly encouraged to have your photo taken or take a selfie with the name of your university.  If you wish to hold a piece of paper saying Academic for Refugees, I attach one for you to use. More...

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Le rapport annuel 2015 de l’AIU vient d’être publié !

Synthétisant les principales actions et réalisations de l’AIU au cours de l’année 2014-2015, le rapport annuel (en anglais) propose un guide utile sur les projets et rapports de l’Association. Il offre également un aperçu des nombreuses façons dont l’AIU participe ou représente les intérêts de ses membres dans le cadre des différents séminaires, réunions et projets de ses partenaires.
Le rapport vient d'être envoyé à tous les Membres de l'AIU et il est également disponible en ligne: IAU Annual Report 2015. Voir l'article...

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Projet ISAS conjoint dans deux universités au Bangladesh

Un groupe d’experts de l’AIU s’est rendu à l’Université internationale américaine au Bangladesh et à la Daffodil International University à Dhaka, au Bangladesh, du 24 au 27 janvier 2016. Ces visites ont permis de discuter avec divers acteurs institutionnels de l’auto-évaluation détaillée des stratégies et programmes d’internationalisation des deux établissements. Le groupe d’experts a fourni sa propre évaluation aux deux universités et a émis des recommandations à des fins d’amélioration. Le groupe, présidé par E. Egron-Polak (AIU) et composé d’A. Ciccarelli (Australie), S.M. Kabir (Bangladesh) et G. Marinoni (AIU), a également participé à un atelier conjoint d’une demi-journée sur l’internationalisation de l’enseignement supérieur le 28 janvier. Voir l'article...

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IAU Annual Report 2015 - just released!

Summarizing the main actions and achievements of the IAU over the 2014-2015 year, the Annual Report offers a useful guide to the Association’s projects and reports on the outcomes. It also provides a glimpse of the numerous ways in which IAU participates or represents the interests of its membership at various meetings, seminars and projects of its partners.
The report has just been mailed to all IAU Members and is also available online: IAU Annual Report 2015. More...

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Joint ISAS at two universities in Bangladesh

An IAU expert panel undertook site visits at the American International University Bangladesh and Daffodil International University in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 24 to 27 January 2016. They served to discuss, the two institutions’ in-depth self-analysis of their internationalization strategies and programmes with a broad range of institutional stakeholders. The panel provided both universities with its own assessment and recommendations for improvements. The expert panel, chaired by E. Egron-Polak (IAU) and including A. Ciccarelli (Australia), S.M. Kabir (Bangladesh) and G. Marinoni (IAU) also took part in a joint half-day workshop on higher education internationalization held on 28 January. More...

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Colleges continue to improve retention while recruiting strongly from disadvantaged backgrounds

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hefce.ac.uk logo"A report on higher education performance indicators highlights that further education colleges (FECs) continue to achieve higher proportions of entrants from backgrounds where people have traditionally not participated in higher education (known as low-participation neighbourhoods), when compared with higher education institutions (HEIs). More...

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