30 janvier 2016

Erasmus+: How did we do in 2015?

By . In mid-2014, the new possibilities for international higher education cooperation and mobility offered by Erasmus+ were announced, namely: Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (first selection under Erasmus+ in 2014); Capacity-building for Higher Education (first selection under Erasmus+ in 2015); International credit mobility (first selection under Erasmus+ in 2015); and Jean Monnet Actions (first selection under Erasmus+ in 2014). As we step into 2016, it’s time to consider where we stand now. More...

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Moving forward with Erasmus+

By . Erasmus+ was launched in 2014, bringing together for the first time all EU programmes for education, training, youth and sport and introducing new measures to maximise quality, impact and access to the programme. Two years later, the first results are already tangible. The aim of this blog post is to look back on the first years of Erasmus+ and to reflect on the upcoming priorities in light of recent developments in policy and society. More...

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A new EAIE website for the new year

By . The start of every new year comes with a wave of motivation to start things anew, but also to perfect what was already going well in our lives. In this regard, the EAIE is no different. Today, the Association is officially launching a set of exciting innovations developed to serve our internationalisation of higher education community even better in the year 2016. More...

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Crafting better crisis management strategies

By . Since the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris last November, many higher education international offices, faculty, students and parents have been concerned about study abroad. While several crisis management policies and procedures address how to handle student and faculty behavioural issues, currency devaluations, strikes, etc, few have expressly addressed preparing for or responding to terrorist attacks. If you have not revised your current plan or yet established one, now may be the time to sit down with your crisis management committee and consider what your institutional response should be. More...

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Volunteers: Heroes of the Modern Age

If society is a damsel in distress, then volunteers are superheroes who are on call 24 hours a day. Why? Because it is rewarding in so many different ways! If you are wondering whether it’s worth the time then keep reading to find some of the benefits volunteering can offer you.
1. We develop new skills.
Through our work as volunteers we develop soft skills such as adaptability and problem solving, as well as hard skills such as proficiency in a foreign language and networking. Both sets of skills boost our employability and make us competitive in the labour market. More...

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Abolition of maintenance grants for the poorest students will bring irreversible consequences

ESU - European Students' UnionThe European Students’ Union expresses serious concerns at the Government’s plans to abolish maintenance grants for the students from lower socio-economic backgrounds in England. The introduction of these plans has been extremely worrying, both for their consequences for the most disadvantaged students and for the procedures pursued by the Government in passing the relevant regulations through Parliament. More...

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ANOSR:Students react against plagiarism and academic imposture

ESU - European Students' UnionThe National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania adopted, with student leaders from across the country, a study that condemned the phenomenon of plagiarism which is increasing in the Romanian education system, while also condemning the severe violations on ethics and academic integrity arising in this system.
The study, titled The "copy paste" Universities: plagiarism and academic deception in Romanian higher education - the students' perspective, presents an analysis at European level of how plagiarism is approached by EU states, a thorough analysis of academic imposture cases in Romania and the national legal framework governing this area. More...

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UK: NUS fight to #CutTheCosts

ESU - European Students' UnionSpiraling costs and deepening debt threaten to make education even more unequal than it already is. Despite the widespread recognition that debt was a significant cause of the 2008 crash, this government’s education system saddles students with massive personal debt.
NUS (with the help of a giant inflated piggy-bank!) are calling on the government to stop the scrapping of maintenance grants, the continued cuts to further education and to demand that politicians #CutTheCosts students face both today, and in the future. More...

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ESU @Politico event: Youth and Social Media

ESU - European Students' UnionESU is more and more present in Brussels, making the voice of students heard among policy-makers and media and challenging the myth that organised civil society cannot drive change. More...

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Students agains undemocratic surveillance states

ESU - European Students' UnionIn light of recent developments, many countries are considering tighter security policies. Belgium and France already experienced situations where states of emergency have been declared, without democratic inspection or participation. May states are considering new laws on surveilance and security sevices, where many of them overturn the juridical control of legislation. More...

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