22 janvier 2016

Common Characteristics of Successful Leaders

HomeBy Scott Newman. After a year studying presidents and chancellors, Scott Newman describes the characteristics he believes help college and university chief executives succeed. Read more...

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On Being 'Conditionally Accepted' in Academe

HomeBy Eric Anthony Grollman. In July 2013, I launched a blog called Conditionally Accepted -- an online space for scholars on the margins of academe. At the time, I was beginning my new position as an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Richmond and had just finished the six-year chapter of graduate school at Indiana University. Read more...

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The Unvalidated Retirement Quiz

HomeBy Gordon Hammerle. Should you retire sometime in 2016? Gordon Hammerle has developed a quiz to help you determine the answer -- or to at least get a chuckle. Read more...

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