09 janvier 2016

Crisis facing Indian higher education – and how Australian universities can help

The ConversationBy . India is facing a crisis around access to good college and university education. 
Although there has been an enormous expansion in higher education in India over the past 30 years – the proportion of those attending college or university has increased from 6% in 1983 to 18% in 2014 – there is still a huge problem around quality. More...

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Togs or swimmers? Why Australians use different words to describe the same things

The ConversationBy and . Is Australia about to descend into civil war over whether a deep-fried potato snack is rightfully called a “potato cake” or a “potato scallop”? From some recent headlines, you might be forgiven for thinking so.
A series of maps showing differences in words used across Australia sparked fierce debates online over the virtues of calling a barbecued sausage served in a single slice of bread a “sausage in bread” or a “sausage sandwich”. More...

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2015, the year that was: education

The ConversationBy . 2013 was the year of Gonski; 2014 the year of higher education reform; 2015 has been the year of … hmmm … wait, what actually happened this year? Just a lot of chat really, with much debate, but little action on reforming education in Australia. More...

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Schnapps, whipping and sacks: how Christmas traditions evolved around the world

The ConversationBy . The idea of giving gifts may be traced to the Bible, in which the infant Jesus was presented with gold, frankincense and myrrh by the Three Wise Men, named in apocryphal texts as Caspar, Balthasar and Melchior.
This received a boost in the Middle Ages, when Boxing Day, December 26, became a holiday when masters gave their apprentices and other employees “boxes” – that is, gifts. More...

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2015, the year that was: education

The ConversationBy . 2015 was a year of much turmoil: higher education witnessed student activism not quite seen since the free speech movement of the 1960s. More...

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What final exam results reveal about South Africa’s school system

The ConversationBy  and . South Africa’s Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga announced on January 5 that 70.7% of the country’s matrics – learners who wrote their final Grade 12 exams in 2015 – passed. Some can now apply for hotly contested university places; others will choose vocational training, take a gap year or try to head straight into the workforce. More...

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South Africa’s universities may not be ready for the latest crop of school leavers

The ConversationBy . When South Africa’s annual matric results are announced, it is important to listen to what is said - and, more importantly, to what is not. More...

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Vietnamese education prepares for ASEAN integration

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "vietnamnet"In other words, workers qualified in one country are permitted to work freely in other ASEAN countries. This will benefit Vietnamese laborers and students but also pressure Vietnamese education to reform and improve its training and personnel.
The ASEAN Economic Community will not only boost the free flow of goods, services, and investment, but also allow skilled workers to move freely in the ASEAN market, home to 300 million people of working age. More...

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Learning for the Long Haul: A Response to Alternative Educational Options

The EvoLLLutionBy Jean Floten - EvoLLLution. The emergence and growing popularity of competency-based approaches to degree attainment is beneficial for the non-traditional student demographic, who need highly accessible and relevant programming that leads to the workforce. More...

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Unaccredited Providers Are Changing the Shape of the Higher Education Industry

The EvoLLLutionBy Burck Smith - EvoLLLution. Unaccredited providers are making their case for student enrollments and dollars, and have fundamentally changed the shape of the higher education ecosystem as institutions and the federal government adapt to their popularity and growth. More...

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