05 janvier 2016

Best Intersession Class You Ever Took

By Matt Reed. What’s the best intersession class you ever took?
I’ll narrow it down. By “intersession” I mean a very short-term class, typically offered for two or three weeks in January. More...

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Looking Up

By Matt Reed. I had to smile at the New York Times’ story yesterday breaking the news that senior citizens who attend college classes do it because they want to. At this point, learning for the sake of it has become newsworthy. More...

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Mystery Solved?

By Matt Reed. Quick, which is the better deal:
Watch videos online and pay $649 for three credits.
Take a class with a human being and pay $252 for three credits. More...

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An Idea Offered Freely to Candidates

By Matt Reed. On Saturday night, with The Boy out visiting friends, The Girl announced that she wanted to use her control of the tv to watch ... the Democratic debate. More...

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Fishing In Our Pond

By Matt Reed. According to IHE’s reading of new data from the National Student Clearinghouse, post-secondary enrollments in America dropped from 2014 to 2015. At first glance, that would seem consistent with the article’s thesis, which is that it’s due largely to an improving economy. More...

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Why Don’t They Show Up?

By Matt Reed. How heavily attended should the college Senate be? 
I’ve been mulling this over lately.  Brookdale has a more robust routine turnout at Senate than I’ve seen elsewhere, but some folks think it should be even more so. More...

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Innovation and Scale

By Matt Reed. Last year I tried to capture the tension between the culture of artisanal production and the need for scale by reference to an anecdote from Tina Fey’s book Bossypants. This week Malcolm Gladwell did it better with a reference to curing cancer. More...

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The Uncounted Cost of Spurned Transfer

By Matt Reed. I was heartened to see on Friday that the CCRC, the Aspen Institute, and Public Agenda are teaming up to work on the issues around community college students losing credits when they transfer to four-year schools. More...

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Friday Fragments - December 11, 2015

By Matt Reed. To paraphrase Mencken, the country is getting what it wants, and getting it good and hard. According to this study from the Pew Research Center, the middle class is no longer the majority in America. More...

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By Matt Reed. This one is an unapologetic attempt to steal ideas.
For the educators out there: what does your college do with students who don’t know what they want to major in. More...

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