20 décembre 2015

Will the impact framework fix the problems the research audit found?

The ConversationBy  and . The results from the latest university research audit indicate that research in Australia is improving. This suggests that the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) exercise is working: ERA has achieved its main aim of boosting the quality of Australian research. More...

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Why are our 15 year olds falling behind in reading and writing?

The ConversationBy . Our 15 year olds are continuing to fall behind in literacy, according to latest figures from the national testing scheme NAPLAN. So far, the solutions devised by our politicians have been useless. More...

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Reforming vocational education: it’s time to end the exploitation of vulnerable people

The ConversationBy . Australia’s vocational education sector is a mess. Tightening regulation and tweaking some of the settings will contain the damage, but these measures alone will not address deeper problems in the sector. More...

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Australian graduates who move overseas will have to pay back student loans

The ConversationBy . University graduates who move overseas for more than six months will now have to pay back their student loans. 
Until now, graduates who moved abroad were under no obligation to repay their student debt while they lived in another country. More...

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