20 décembre 2015

Campus cards upgraded

University Business LogoBy Lauren Williams. Campus cards accomplish many tasks—from purchasing meals and vending machine snacks to unlocking dorm rooms and other campus facilities. More...

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Dining providers on meal plan trends and missteps

University Business LogoBy Theresa Sullivan Barger. Meal plans are being designed to provide the greatest balance of convenience and value for the meal plan holder. You are seeing the addition of various types of unlimited access plans, meal plans with large balances of declining balance dollars for retail purchases, and ‘upgrade’ options. While having high-quality food offerings will always be the foundation of student satisfaction with a meal plan, it is becoming equally important to provide flexibility in how they can get those items to drive value perception. More...

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WOW News: Thomas Jefferson’s secret chemistry lab

University Business LogoBy Lauren Williams. It turned out to have been part of an early science classroom commissioned by university founder Thomas Jefferson. The room, likely sealed in the mid-1800s, survived a fire in 1895 that destroyed much of the building’s interior. More...

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Inside Look: Campus hospitality centers

University Business LogoBy Stefanie Botelho. Campus locales used by business guests and travelers—often providing valuable learning experiences for students. More...

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Mirror, mirror: Reflections on race in higher education

University Business LogoBy Nancy Cantor. What’s going on? Marvin Gaye’s plaintive question from decades ago echoes hauntingly today. With each new incidence of brown-skinned people being brutalized, it returns more bitterly to our lips, triggered by each new image from Ferguson to Tempe, Baltimore to Cleveland, Staten Island to Charleston … the list goes painfully on. More...

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Higher Education Outlook 2016

University Business LogoBy Melissa Ezarik. As we ring in 2016, higher education leaders have much to look forward to as well as, of course, much work to be done.
Exciting developments such as the explosion of mobile technology and expanding diversity in student populations and perspectives create new strategic and process-related challenges and opportunities.
Outlook 2016 is UB’s second annual special issue aimed at providing insight on the major trends expected to impact campus leaders in the year to come.
We added a category focused on student success this year. After all, ensuring students do well is a bigger job than ever before, with institutions taking a more holistic view at all the areas that define success—from retention and on-time graduation to career preparation and financial literacy.
Another topic of campus conversation stems from this being a presidential election year. Among the college presidents, provosts and chancellors we surveyed, 45 percent feel higher ed will likely improve more under a Democratic administration; just 9 percent feel that higher ed would be better off with a Republican administration.
The variations on free tuition programs being proposed by some candidates are of particular concern to some higher ed leaders, as needing to implement such programs would likely have a drastic impact on how finances are structured. More...

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Navigating globalised higher education: there’s more than one route to excellence

The ConversationBy In his 1975 novel Changing Places, British novelist David Lodge satirised the lifestyle of two literature professors who crisscross the planet, trading a rainy English campus for a sunny California university, and vice versa. Along the way, many other things are exchanged as well, including affairs of the heart. More...

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Pour que l’université devienne un « lieu de vie »

The ConversationPar . La notion de Vie de Campus n’est apparue que très récemment en France. Elle émerge lors des travaux menés sur la loi relative à l’enseignement supérieur et à la recherche du 22 juillet 2013, dite la loi Fioraso, puis redevient vraiment d’actualité avec la remise du Plan national de vie étudiante en juillet 2015 qui fait de la vie de campus un de ses quatre axes majeurs. Voir l'article...

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Au delà des manifestations sur les frais de scolarité, le profond malaise des universités sud-africaines

The ConversationPar . Les universités sud-africaines manquent de moyens. Ce n’est ni une hypothèse, ni une opinion : c’est un fait que même le ministère de l’Éducation supérieure et de la Formation confirme. Voir l'article...

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Chercheur, dis-moi qui tu es

The ConversationPar  et . Dans une enquête récente intitulée « Que pensent les penseurs ? » et que nous avons menée auprès d’environ 2 000 universitaires et chercheurs français, nous apprenons que les penseurs français se distinguent très nettement de la population française générale quant à leurs opinions et valeurs. Voir l'article...

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