03 décembre 2015

Why education is a life-saving sector for refugees

ESU - European Students' Union Since the so called refugee migration crisis hitting Europe in the summer of 2015, there are numbers we are starting to know by heart. In 2015, the UNHCR has registered over 4 million Syrian refugees: 2,1 Syrian refugees live in Turkey, over one million live in Lebanon, over one million live in Jordan and Greece registered over 500 000 refugees. Out of the Syrian population that is still living in Syria, 13,5 are in dire need of basic services: food, non-food items, health, education, shelter, water, hygiene and sanitation. 6,5 in Syria are Internally Displaced Persons. More...

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Step forward to make EU education systems more accessible to non-EU students

ESU - European Students' Union Yesterday on 17th of November, the International Students’ Day, the trialogue between the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council have reached an agreement regarding new EU rules of entry and residence for non-EU students. This directive will merge and replace two existing directives (one on students and one on researchers) and has been a subject of discussions and disagreements for the past years. More...

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Students worldwide stand up for free education as a tool against radicalisation and xenophobia

ESU - European Students' Union Today, in celebration of the International Students’ Day, the European Students Union (ESU) together with Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU) and students from all over the globe call for freedom of movement, freedom to study and freedom to live in dignity. More...

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The refugee crisis as Europe’s brain gain

ESU - European Students' Union Europe is in need of a new university: a Lampedusa university. There are many talented people among the 19 million people that have been forced to flee their home countries because of war, persecution and oppression. Nurses, architects and researchers that can help Europe in facing the challenges of the future. More...

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The European Students’ Union condemns the terrorist attacks in Paris

ESU - European Students' Union ESU is deeply concerned about the the possible outcome of what this seed of fear might mean for Europeans and for Europe itself.
The European Students’ Union strongly condemns the terrorist attacks in Paris and send our condolences and solidarity with all the victims, their families and their beloved ones. All our thoughts and prayers are with all people in Paris and in France.
On the darkest and painful moments, when we feel disgusted and our soul wounded, we shall never pay back hate with hate nor give up our core values. These terrorist acts at the heart of Europe threat not only our safety and security, but the European project itself. We should keep being united and be stronger than fear. We need to make sure that education remains as a key tool against hate, intolerance, marginalisation, radicalisation and any kind of violence. More...

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Education - the most powerful weapon to change the world?

ESU - European Students' Union Approximately 100 students from all over Europe gathered in Brussels for the 30th European Students’ Convention. Among other issues, we discussed the refugee situation and the role that student unions and higher education institutions could play in the mitigation. By and large, the scale of the refugee situation has taken Europe by surprise. Although with the cuts of many European countries, Finland now sadly among them, to development cooperation and humanitarian aid, it was only a matter of time. More...

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Write about Plagiarism and Win a $2,000 Scholarship

ESU - European Students' Union The Unplag plagiarism detection engine is willing to support students who appreciate originality and plagiarism-free content. That’s why its giving away a scholarship in the amount of $2,000 for studying purposes. A committee of educators and the Unplag team will choose the most interesting essays and publish them on the Unplag blog. More...

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Join the free online course on Human Rights and the EU!

ESU - European Students' Union Are you interested in the EU, human rights law or other areas of Social Sciences and Humanities? Would you like to learn about the different impacts that the EU has on human rights worldwide? Frame has created a MASSIVE OPEN ONLINE COURSE (MOOC) ON THE EU AND HUMAN RIGHTS, a free online course for anyone interested. More...

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