20 novembre 2015

How scientists affect public debates

Ottawa Citizen	HomepageBy C. Scott Findlay. There is a widespread belief that science and politics don’t mix. Why? In part because once a scientist dips her sterile toe into the murky waters of politics, she loses her credibility as a disinterested party. Infected by political pathogens, scientists inevitably succumb, becoming passionate advocates rather than dispassionate judges. More...

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An academic economist as cabinet minister. No, don’t worry

By William Watson. Talk about having a good week. On Tuesday, the latest issue of the Canadian Journal of Economics, the flagship of the profession in Canada, ran as its lead paper Jean-Yves Duclos and Bouba Housseini’s “Quality, quantity and duration of lives,” their attempt to guesstimate, extremely cleverly, by how much overall human welfare has increased over the last 100 years. More...

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Why the youth unemployment crisis isn’t what it seems

By . It’s never been easy for young Canadians to make that first great leap into the workforce. And with youth unemployment at 13.5 per cent, nearly double the rate for the entire workforce, it’s become an article of faith—not to mention a political rallying cry—that young Canadians are struggling as never before in the jobs market. More...

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Letter to my professor: Advice from a student

By . Dear Professor: 
After my first semester of post-secondary education,  I feel I’ve matured a great deal. When I first came to campus, I was shallow and naive, unprepared for the rigours of academic life.  But now that I’ve aced Everything 101, I feel qualified to give you some friendly advice on how you might deal with the cohort of incoming students. More...

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How to fight the mental health crisis on campus: Fall breaks

By . For the past 10 years, student unions have lobbied university administrators to implement fall study breaks. In response to concerns about mental health and stress from the mid-semester workload, schools across the country, including 11 of 20 in Ontario, have introduced fall breaks. More...

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Letter to my students: Advice from a professor

By . Dear Student: 
Welcome to university, and welcome to my class, which you have taken because “it’s a requirement?” 
Yes, you did just ask me a question, more or less: Before buying your first course pack, please practise the annihilation of your upward inflections. More...

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The new bogeyman on Canadian campuses

By . Many moons ago, when I was a but a wee university newspaper hack, “hurricane Rosie” hit the very respectable groves of Mount Allison University. The Rosie in question was erstwhile Liberal MP Roseanne Skoke, who represented the good people of Central Nova for a spell in the ’90s. Rosie didn’t much like the gays—“Homosexuality is not natural and it is undermining the inherent rights and values of our Canadian family,” she espoused in the House of Commons in 1994—and she took her shtick on the road after being turfed from this institution in 1997. More...

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Students’ Choice: Introducing Maclean’s student satisfaction rankings

By . If you want to know what life is really like at a university, you should ask a student. For years, Maclean’s has combed through the surveys that universities do themselves to give you a taste of life on campus. While those surveys are a great place to start, they don’t show the whole picture, and some universities don’t share all their results publicly. Plus, most universities only do the surveys once every two or three years. The vibe can change. More...

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University administrators and real professors should take note: every brain needs a spine

By Rex Murphy. The most recent reports say there is a crisis in child services in the United States. The cost of daycare spaces has reached absolutely astronomic levels. Placement at the University of Missouri, for example, easily breaks the $40,000 threshold. And if your toddler is lucky enough to squeeze into Yale, which has some of the most craven caregivers, the most swaddled cocoons and safe spaces on the continent, it will set you back a minimum $60,000. Read more...

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Universities lose the thread on reasoned discourse

By Marni Soupcoff. Is it too late to save the spirit of debate on university campuses, the very places where dissent is supposed to be valued for its contribution to fresh and vibrant thought?
We’ve been worrying about the problem for decades.

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