19 novembre 2015

Forgotten War, Forgotten Country, Forgotten Universities

By Abdel Moneim Alaghima, Reda Fhelboom. This month, hundreds of thousands of students in Libya are heading back to universities, keen to start a delayed academic year. But the semester could be stopped at any moment due to endless fighting and an absence of security. More...

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Science in the Muslim World: Weak Research, Strong Female Participation

By Wagdy Sawahel. The overall state of science at universities in the Muslim world is poor, despite recent improvements and the strong participation of women among those studying science. More...

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A University Wades Into the Lebanese Garbage Crisis

By Madonna Khafaja. An American University of Beirut team has tried to solve a political and environmental crisis that has Lebanon in its grip—garbage. More...

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Global Education Challenges: The Arab World is Not Alone

By Eman Kamel. Rapid technological advances, demographic shifts and ever-changing labor markets are challenging the current state of higher education all over the world. More...

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Projection du film Human de Yann Arthus Bertrand suivi d'un débat le mardi 24 novembre 2015 de 9h à 11h

Les étudiants du Masni vous proposent la projection du film Human de Yann Arthus Bertrand suivi d'un débat le mardi 24 novembre 2015 de 9h à 11h en salle des professeurs (2ème étage) de la Faculté des lettres langues et sciences humaines. Venez nombreux !
Dans ce lien l'AFFICHE.

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Lafayette, We Are Here

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/technology_and_learning_blog_header.jpg?itok=aQthgJ91By Joshua Kim. What have the conversations about the Paris attacks been like on your campus?
How are your classes incorporating this horror into your discussions?
A modest suggestion that I’d like to make is that we find a way on our campuses to read and discuss Sarah Vowell’s wonderful new book, Lafayette in the Somewhat United States. Read more...

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Science develops an algorithm for college selection—but does it work?

eCampus NewsBy . A new algorithm is using data and predictive analytics to determine, with noteworthy accuracy (90 percent), which institution is the best match for students. What makes it Jetson’s-worthy is that the algorithm doesn’t just match based on the student’s personality and goals now, but provides the best match for the student in the future and over time. More...

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Higher education’s reinvention means faculty, too

eCampus NewsBy . Internationally-focused teaching activities are currently the least commonly found criteria in tenure and promotion codes, even though diversifying student learning is a top priority for institutions. More...

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6 ways to support student success

eCampus NewsBy . A set of new design principles is intended to increase student success by helping more students complete college. It also aims to close achievement gaps for historically underserved populations. More...

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10 higher education buzzwords and phrases

eCampus NewsBy . For those critics who say education moves at a snail’s pace, they’re wrong…at least when it comes to terminology—and technology-based terminology, especially. From buzzwords to phrases higher-ed speakers and leaders love to use, it seems there’s a whole new vocabulary—that some call “edubabble”—developed every couple of years. More...

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