18 novembre 2015

Australia to Increase International Study Grants in 2016

Best Masters Degrees & Masters Programs 2015/2016By Elizabeth Koprowski. The Australian government has committed to improving educational mobility and has been working to increase funding, develop international partnerships, and support exchange programs for students in higher education. Last month, Senator Richard Colbeck, Minister for Tourism and International Education, announced that the Australian government would be releasing A$8.3million to fund Endeavor Mobility Grants (EMG). The increase in funding will raise the number of students who receive EMGs from 1600 in 2015 to 2870 in 2016. More...

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Big science now faces big problems in China

The Japan TimesBy Adam Minter. As in so many other things, China’s seeking to play a leading role in 21st century science. And it’s using a familiar weapon: money.
Last month, Chinese physicists announced that they’d completed the initial design for a massive high-energy particle collider, which could become operational around 2025. More...

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More immigrants pursuing STEM careers, report says

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "sandiegouniontribune.com logo"By Tatiana Sanchez. A growing number of immigrants are pursuing careers in science and engineering in the United States, according to a new report by the National Science Foundation.
An estimated 5.2 million, or 18 percent, of the country’s 29 million scientists and engineers were immigrants in 2013 — up from 3.4 million, or about 16 percent, in 2003 — according to the report. More...

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The U.S. education bubble is now upon us

By Mohamed A. El-Erian. One of the fundamental purposes of government is to advance important public goods. But, if not handled carefully, the pursuit of significant social goals can have unfortunate economic and financial consequences, sometimes even leading to systemic disruptions that undermine more than just the goals themselves. More...

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'Better Alternative to Stop Brain Drain, Boost Equity'

The New Indian ExpressBy Ram M Sundaram. Rejecting the apprehensions against the GATS, a section of educationists say this agreement would open up higher education to foreign investors, which will improve the access, quality and equity. More...

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Murmansk opens the Arctic "super university"

By Arina Ulyanova. With the Arctic becoming an object of steadily growing attention, Murmansk Oblast establishes the “Arctic University” to prepare Barents students for jobs in Arctic oil and gas projects. More...

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Kiron University: Open only for refugees

WJCLBy Will Heilpern. Imagine a university that could provide an education to refugees, wherever they are in the world, for free.
Not only would this give displaced people a higher chance of employment in their new countries, but it would provide a social and professional network where they can meet others facing similar challenges.
But with 42,500 people being forced from their homes every day, who could afford such a monumental project?
The answer comes, as it does so often these days, in the form of crowd-funding. More...

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Backlash prompts Japan to rethink controversial university policy

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dw.com logo"By Julian Ryall. Japan's education ministry claims reports that it was ordering universities to scrap subjects such as philosophy and political science are a "misunderstanding." But 26 schools are still doing away with the courses. More...

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MOOC watch: Open2Study reaches one million students

Résultat de recherche d'images pour By Tim Dodd. Just two-and-a-half years after launching its first course, Open2Study – an offshoot of Open Universities Australia (OUA) which offers free online courses –has enrolled its millionth student. More...

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Putin Pledges Support To Russian-language Media, Universities Abroad

By Shirley Zhao and Laura Zhou. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Moscow would continue to support Russian-language media abroad that provides "objective and honest" information on Russia and "its achievements." More...

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