17 novembre 2015

'Taking College Teaching Seriously'

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. The call to increase the number of U.S. adults with college degrees and improve college completion rates across the country has only grown louder in recent years. Read more...

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Who's in First (Generation)?

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. The term "first generation" tends to be thrown around a lot by educators and policy makers. But what does the term mean? 
Does a first-generation college student come from a home where neither parent earned a college degree? What if at least one parent graduated college. Read more...

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Recession-Era Woes Subside

HomeBy Kellie Woodhouse. During the recession, college prices increased steeply while borrowing rose rapidly. Loan defaults increased, too. Now borrowing has declined slightly for the fourth straight year, defaults have steadied and tuition increases at public universities over the past three years have been at their lowest levels since the 1970s, according to the College Board’s 2015 “Trends in Higher Education” reports. Read more...

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Between Consortia and Mergers

HomeBy Doug Lederman. The idea that relatively few colleges and universities can thrive entirely on their own has taken hold in several quarters recently, as financial and demographic woes squeeze many institutions' bottom lines. But while predictions of mergers and consolidations proliferate, so too does evidence that combining colleges -- and even close collaboration -- is hard to pull off even when it seems to make good sense. Read more...

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String of Shootings at Black Colleges

HomeBy Josh Logue. All are historically black colleges or universities, and shootings have occurred on or near all of the campuses in the last month. All but the incident at North Carolina Central and one of two shootings at or near Tennessee State had at least one fatality. Texas Southern and Miles also saw multiple shootings this year. Read more...

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'The Right Thing to Do'

HomeBy Carl Straumsheim. A key first endorsement from the University of Michigan Press has a group of disability studies scholars hopeful that their guidelines for publishing accessible digital books is slowly gaining momentum. Read more...

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'The Good Wife' vs. a Bad For-Profit

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. Enrollment agreements, students with debts in the tens of thousands and deceptive recruiting tactics -- these topics are usually found in the news or a political debate. Read more...

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Report Lends Support to ‘Corequisite’ Remediation

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/Ticker%20revised%20round%2045.gifBy . Report: “Core Principles for Transforming Remediation Within a Comprehensive Student Success Strategy”
Organizations: Complete College America, the American Association of Community Colleges, the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin, and three other groups
Summary: The organizations behind this “joint statement” set forth “six core principles” for increasing the number of students who complete college. The statement effectively updates a document released by some of the same groups three years ago that took to task the state of remedial courses. More...

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Cal State-Long Beach Student Is Among Dead in Paris Terror Attacks

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/Ticker%20revised%20round%2045.gifBy . A design student at California State University at Long Beach was among those killed in the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday. The student, Nohemi Gonzalez, a 23-year-old Californian, was attending the Strate College of Design during a semester-abroad program, according to a statement posted on Long Beach’s website. More...

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Supreme Court Will Hear Religious Colleges’ Objections to Contraceptive Rule

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/Ticker%20revised%20round%2045.gifBy . The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear the arguments of religious colleges and other faith-based nonprofit organizations against the contraceptive mandate of President Obama’s signature health-care law, the Associated Press reported. More...

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