04 novembre 2015

EDUCAUSE and Robot Tutors In The Sky: When investors are your main customers

By . Before I head out to Indianapolis for the EDUCAUSE conference, I keep thinking back to a comment someone made in response to Michael’s description of Knewton marketing as “selling snake oil”. More...

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Instructure Dodges A Data Bullet

By . Last week’s EDUCAUSE conference was relatively news free, which is actually a good thing as overall ed tech hype levels have come down. Near the end of the conference, however, I heard from three different sources about a growing backlash against Instructure for their developing plans for Canvas Data and real-time events. More...

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#OEB15 Mixing audiences and discussions make great conferences

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. There are many conferences focused on online education. Some are more academically oriented, some are more corporate, and then there are those who offer mix of technology, corporate, practitioners (either academics, trainers, or teachers), as well as EdTech thinkers. There are two conference organisers who offer this wonderful mix, which pushes new insights and lets you see implementations of EdTech across disciplines and social philosophies (education for all, education for profit, education as an ethical instrument...). The eLearning Guild offers such conferences, and the ICWE who organises eLearning Africa and the upcoming Online Educa Berlin are such organisers. Read more...

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#DigiWriMo who am I, my alternative CV

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. An answer to the first DigiWriMo challenge: to create an alternative CV. It is quite a challenge to view myself through a non-professional, personal looking glass. Who is the generic me? Who is the me that people might get as a colleague, friend, peer. Read more...

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Join great free #MOOC discussions @NLC2016

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. In preparation of the 10th Networked Conference which is held in Manchester on 9,10, 11 May 2016, a couple of online discussions on MOOC, social and connected learning, and a no-doubt inspiring hot seat lead by Jim Groom are set up. First of all, hashtag for the hot seats: #NLC2016

This is how you get to the Hot Seats:
First create an account and then join the conversation!

The Hot Seats continue to be public, open and free for anybody who is interested in Networked Learning. Feel free to share the Hot Seats within your networks. Read more...

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Denkende Sklaven

http://www.epapercatalog.com/images/zeit-online-epaper.jpgVon Hanna Engelmeier. Auf dem Flur vor Hörsaal 2094 erkenne ich einen älteren Studenten, der hinkt und mit sich selbst spricht. Als ich 2002 mit großen Erwartungen an der Humboldt-Universität anfing, Philosophie zu studieren, war er auch schon da. Mehr...

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Welche seiner Ehefrauen ließ König Heinrich VIII. hinrichten?

http://www.epapercatalog.com/images/zeit-online-epaper.jpgDie Vormoderne ist dunkel, blutig – und reich an Entdeckungen. Reisen Sie mit einer Professorin durch ihre acht Fragen: Beat the Prof. Mehr...

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Das Problem, das keines ist

http://www.epapercatalog.com/images/zeit-online-epaper.jpgVon Christine Brinck. Sie sind besser in der Schule, machen öfter Abitur und sind auch an der Universität in der Überzahl. Frauen sind eigentlich überall auf dem Vormarsch. Überall? Nicht in den sogenannten Mint-Fächern (Mathematik, Ingenieurwissenschaften, Naturwissenschaften, Technik) und auch nicht im IT-Bereich. Mehr...

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Studiengänge für Flüchtlinge - In English, please

http://www.spiegel.de/static/sys/v10/logo/spiegel_online_logo_460_64.pngVon . Studieren ohne Deutschkenntnisse? Fast unmöglich. Hochschulen bieten nur gut zwei Prozent aller Bachelor-Fächer auf Englisch an. Dabei würden viele Flüchtlinge liebend gern an die Uni. Was tun. Mehr...

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The Bologna Process and its withering political salience

The ninth and latest ministerial conference of the Bologna Process earlier this year in Yerevan was one of these events where the European higher education community likes to celebrate itself for all of its achievements during the last 17 years of close policy coordination. This positive assessment was shared by most of the press reports that followed the meeting. Anne Corbett, for example, reported in the Times Higher Education that contrary to the “conventional wisdom” that the Bologna Process is no longer of interest for ministers and is left to technocrats and stakeholder organizations, the meeting in Yerevan was characterized by deft ministerial diplomacy, especially with regard to the admission of Belarus into the process. More...

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