27 octobre 2015

Russian universities to focus on subject-based rankings

By Gleb Fedorov. Academicians say Russian universities may need a few decades to get into the top 100 in institutional rankings. When it comes to rankings by subject, Russian universities are in a stronger position. More...

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Rejuvenate Japan’s industrial might with the humanities

The Japan TimesBy . In this column in August, I expressed a view critical of a notice sent June 8 by the minister of education, culture, sports, science and technology to the presidents of all national universities, telling them to abolish their undergraduate departments and graduate schools devoted to the humanities and social sciences or to shift their curricula to fields where social demand is greater. More...

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4 steps Singapore’s universities must take

GovInsiderBy . To keep their jobs, Singaporeans will have to learn new skills throughout their lives. “This is the only way for individuals to stay employed and employable,” said Chan Lai Fung, Permanent Secretary for Education, at the OECD-Singapore Conference on Higher Education Futures. More...

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Higher education 'facing challenges in preparing students for work'

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "relocatemagazine.com logo"By David Sapsted. Only one in 12 graduates believe their college education fully prepared them for their careers, according to a new international study by Instructure, the US education technology company. More...

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Transnational Education Ghana receives British Accreditation

The Transnational Education (TNE) Africa Company Limited through TNE Ghana Limited has received an International Higher Education accreditation from the British Accreditation Council (BAC).
A statement issued in Accra by Ms Mary Anne Amoah, Marketing Manager, Lancaster University Ghana, said the accreditation was valid for a four year term.
It said TNE has become the first and only education provider on African mainland to have attained the BAC accreditation. More...

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President directs public sector universities to focus on research

Pakistan ObserverPresident Mamnoon Hussain on Tuesday directed the heads of the public sector federally chartered universities to focus on research, noting that this sector was neglected over the last many decades.
Addressing heads of the public sector federally chartered universities at the Aiwan-e-Sadr, he said “Research is an important factor in the progress of nations.” The President said that adoption of Urdu as the official language was a correct decision. More...

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Canada, Australia Emerging as New Education Destinations for Students

The New Indian ExpressThe universities in the USA have always been the most preferred choice for Indian students but now countries like Canada and Australia are emerging as the new education destinations, according to ELS International Education Pathways Private Limited. More...

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Iran keen to have more Malaysian students

Iran is keen to collaborate with Malaysian universities to attract more Malaysians to study in that country, which currently stands at only 15, as compared to some 5,000 Iranian students in Malaysia.
Scientific Counsellor and Director of Iranian Students in East Asia, Dr Abbas Ghanbari said he was ready to facilitate and help connect any Malaysian university to the best universities in Iran, and welcomed proposals for such collaboration.
Speaking to Bernama in an interview at the Iranian Embassy here recently, he said language should not be a problem as the students could take up courses to learn the Persian language. More...

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Lesser-known universities achieve best job outcomes

Résultat de recherche d'images pour By Tim Dodd and Edmund Tadros. Graduates from many of the little-known regional universities have a better chance of getting a job than those from top institutions in big cities, according to new data from the federal government that allows the job outcomes of universities to be compared for the first time. More...

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How far will S. Koreans go to get into top universities?

The Korea TimesA documentary film about the social and personal costs of South Koreans’ craze for being admitted to the nation’s top three universities depicts a system that is a far cry from President Barack Obama’s praise of the Asian country as a model for U.S. educational reforms. “Reach for the SKY” follows three students and a teacher working for a test-prep company before and after South Korea’s college entrance exam. More...

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