23 octobre 2015

When Shrinkage Is Good

HomeBy Kellie Woodhouse. Five years ago Staten Island’s Wagner College was struggling to make enrollment targets.
It was shortly after the financial crisis of 2008, and not only were demographic trends unfavorable in the Northeast, but a lot of families were under immense financial strain and looking for as much of a discount as possible as their children chose colleges. Read more...

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New Lender for a New Market

HomeBy Paul Fain. A new company is seeking to be both a private lender and an alternative accreditor for the fast-growing boot camp sector.
The Texas-based Skills Fund is up and running with financial backing from Iowa Student Loan, a nonprofit loan guarantor with deep pockets. Read more...

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Suing Student Loan Servicers

HomeBy Michael Stratford. Student loan borrowers and others will be able to sue a national student loan corporation after a federal appeals court said Wednesday that the corporation’s affiliation with a state government does not shield it from lawsuits. Read more...

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H-1B Under Scrutiny

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. The H-1B guest worker visa program has been coming under scrutiny lately.
The program is important to colleges both in terms of their ability to hire postdocs and other researchers from abroad and, more indirectly, in providing a pathway for the international students they recruit to work in the U.S. after graduation. Read more...

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Who Should Prevent Social Media Harassment?

HomeBy Josh Logue. On Wednesday 72 women's and civil rights organizations urged the U.S. Education Department to tell colleges that they must monitor anonymous apps like Yik Yak -- frequently the source of sexist and racist comments about named or identifiable students -- and do something to protect those students who are named. Read more...

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Who Deserves a Second Chance?

HomeBy Jake New. In its first few weeks of existence, Hocking College's fledgling football team has had plenty to celebrate. More than 800 spectators attended the team's first home game in August, the stands filled with students clad in blue shirts and cheering on the Hocking Hawks by ringing blue cowbells. Read more...

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Going Through the Motions? The 2015 Survey of Faculty Workplace Engagement

HomeBy Colleen Flaherty. Employee engagement: it’s an important metric that can gauge how loyal and intrinsically interested people are in their work. So how engaged are faculty members, and how do they compare to other kinds of workers. Read more...

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Beyond Faculty Careers

HomeBy Colleen Flaherty. Critics have long complained about doctoral education in the humanities, saying that it takes too long and no longer reflects the realities of graduates’ employment prospects. In other words, graduate humanities programs are still largely training students to become professors at major research universities, when the vast majority won’t, given the weak tenure-track job market. Read more...

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Questioning Teaching Qualifications

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. Dual enrollment -- in which high school students can take college courses and earn credit before graduation -- has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years. After all, students can earn college credit for free, be exposed to higher education and gain confidence in their ability to do college-level work. Read more...

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How Higher Ed Teaches Writing

HomeBy Carl Straumsheim. The National Census of Writing on Monday released the results of its ambitious survey on writing centers and programs in the U.S., giving administrators, faculty members and researchers an open-access view of the national landscape of how writing is taught. Read more...

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