21 octobre 2015

International Students talk about their experiences

Vermont CynicBy . Different academic cultures, another language and 7,400 miles don’t seem to be enough to stop four UVM students from encouraging others to achieve their academic goals — in addition to their own. More...

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Foreign students help economy

The Slovak Spectator logoSTUDENTS of the Masaryk University in the Czech city of Brno decided to explore how foreign university students impact the state economy, whether they are a positive contribution, or a burden.
The result shows, according to the Hospodárske Noviny daily, that Slovaks who study in the Czech Republic bring more than €24 million a year to its economy – this is the amount they pay in taxes (for part-time jobs during studies), for accommodation, food and entertainment. More...

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Germany’s blue card scheme giving green signal to Indians students

The Economic TimesBy . Dr Joybrato Mukherjee, vice president of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) who was a part of the delegation that accompanied German chancellor Angela Merkel to India last week, is very upbeat about the growing number of Indian students going for higher education in Germany. In 2014-15, there was a record 23 per cent growth in the number of Indians studying in Germany with 11,860 enrolled in universities there. More...

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Die Zukunft gehört dem Stuzubi

DIE WELTVon . Immer mehr junge Leute wollen studieren, immer weniger eine Berufsausbildung machen. Mit wissenschaftlichem Ehrgeiz hat das wenig zu tun. Die Studenten betrachten die Uni als bessere Berufsschule. More...

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The troubles with French universities laid bare

The LocalBy Oliver Gee. The French university system has made headlines in France this term after a massive influx in students saw the government scramble to invest €100m to try to prop up the creaking higher education system.
But does the problem run deeper? The Local speaks with students, professors, and education experts to find out what exactly is going wrong with France's once famous university system. More...

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Britain Plans Tougher English Tests to Cut International Student Numbers

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "studyinternational.com logo"British ministers are on a “collision course with universities” over plans to introduce tougher English Language tests to cut the number of international students coming to the country by 25,000 a year.
Earlier this month, Home Office Officials met with university leaders to lay out plans for a much more meticulous system of testing international students’ English Language skills. More...

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Universities Australia Pushes for Radical New Higher Education Strategy

Résultat de recherche d'images pour Universities Australia has launched a new policy statement called “Keep it Clever”, urging for major investment in research and innovation throughout Australia’s higher education sector.
The organisation released a pre-election blueprint in a speech to the National Press Club that did not mention fee deregulation or higher student fees, but did declare that the sector’s recent “funding limbo” has produced “intolerable instability”. More...

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U.S. News Unveils Second Annual Best Global Universities Rankings

U.S. News & World Report, publisher of Best Colleges for more than 30 years, today released the 2016 edition of the Best Global Universities. The rankings help students evaluate higher education options worldwide as well as by region, country and subject. U.S. universities remain the global leaders among research institutions, with Harvard University claiming No. 1, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at No. 2, the University of California—Berkeley at No. 3 and Stanford University at No. 4. U.K. universities take the next top spots with the University of Oxford at No. 5, followed by the University of Cambridge at No. 6. More...

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Prepare for the Hidden Costs of Earning a Degree Overseas

By . For U.S. students, several flights home each semester can add up after four years at an overseas university. More...

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The uni reform plan that was never sold on merit

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "afr.com logo"By Andrew Norton. Christopher Pyne's surprise launch of fee deregulation and the confused mix of reforms and cuts meant unis had no chance to make a case to students, writes Andrew Norton. More...

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