19 octobre 2015

The robots are coming for your job! Why digital literacy is so important for the jobs of the future

The ConversationBy . In a report released this week, the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) claims that up to 70% of young people are preparing for jobs that will no longer exist in the future. The report also raises concerns about decreasing entry-level occupations for school leavers and the impacts of automation. More...

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Why students make silly mistakes in class (and what can be done)

The ConversationBy . Children often find it difficult to solve problems in the classroom, which can lead to silly errors being made. But are these mistakes made because of carelessness. More...

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Bullying in regional universities is a serious problem that needs addressing

The ConversationBy . A study of more than 22,000 university staff shows that academics in regional universities were more likely to experience bullying compared to those at other types of universities. More...

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Education minister says uni fees won’t change for 2016

The ConversationBy and . Birmingham said the government would be consulting on reforms, and if any were to be legislated in the future they would not commence until 2017 “at the earliest”. More...

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How to future proof university graduates

The ConversationBy . If you were thinking that a librarian’s life was the one for you, you might want to think again. Secretaries and personal assistants, I’d look over your shoulder too. The robots are coming for your job. According to a recent report from consultancy firm Deloitte, these are among a number of occupations categorised as being at high risk of automation. More...

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Here’s how to measure – and deepen – change in South Africa’s universities

The ConversationBy . Universities should be equitable learning spaces for people of all races, economic backgrounds and genders. In South Africa, creating such spaces – both in higher education and in society more broadly – is happening under the banner of transformation. More...

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How to rebuild higher education in countries torn apart by war

The ConversationBy . Universities are almost always among the casualties when a country goes to war. Ultimately, they become hotbeds of repression. As conflict deepens, academic freedom is threatened or curtailed. Teachers, researchers and students flee, prompting a brain drain their countries can ill afford. Buildings are bombed. Sometimes entire campuses are destroyed. More...

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Simple, vernacular translations make the most sense for university students

The ConversationBy . South African universities are modelled on their British and European counterparts. That manifests in everything from their degree structures to their graduation garb – and their language of instruction, English.
But something remarkable is happening at South Africa’s universities. Students, staff and a few administrators are working hard to open new spaces – African spaces – within higher education. They are trying to decolonise the system. How can other academic and student change-agents mirror their efforts? And what role can language play in carving out truly African spaces?
The second question arose in part because of my own experience. I had an important set of notes translated, at great expense, into isiXhosa for my students. It is one of three regional languages in the Western Cape province, where I teach. More...

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What Nelson Mandela can teach us about lifelong, dialogue-rich learning

The ConversationBy . Nelson Mandela’s life and writings reveal his fascination with education. The late statesman’s autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, often profiles characters by their education and what he learnt from them. Mandela pursued his own learning actively, curiously and indefatigably in many different settings.
He is also an exemplar of a lifelong learning that is profoundly dialogic in nature. More...

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Engineering graduates can help Africa to meet its sustainable development goals

The ConversationBy . Engineers will play a vital role in meeting the challenges laid out by the newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). More...

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