05 octobre 2015

Producing entrepreneurial students – and universities

By Karen MacGregor. With graduate joblessness rising and state funding dwindling, universities of technology are confronted by dual challenges – delivering entrepreneurship education and work-integrated learning to students, and themselves becoming more entrepreneurial – says Professor Irene Moutlana, vice-chancellor of Vaal University of Technology and deputy chair of the South African Technology Network, or SATN. Read more...

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Concern over low success rate of Horizon 2020 bids

By Jan Petter Myklebust. The drop in the success rate of universities bidding for Horizon 2020 funding is being driven by increased demand from universities suffering from austerity programmes, according to the European University Association, or EUA. Read more...

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Towards an inclusive global knowledge society

By Patrick Blessinger. The second half of the 20th century was characterised as a period of enormous expansion of higher education worldwide, especially through opening access by removing long-standing ethnic, gender and class barriers. Read more...

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Professorships – Who decides?

By Ly Pham. Ton Duc Thang University, or TDTU, a self-financed public institution in Vietnam, announced in mid-September that it will create its own requirements and procedures for promoting professors. This has caused an intense and ongoing debate in the national media and on social networks. Read more...

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Moving access from the margins to the mainstream

By Graeme Atherton. What is the common denominator that binds universities and university systems across the world? It is not research excellence, good teaching or a social mission – it is unequal access. Read more...

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Budget restores €100 million cut from universities last year

By Jane Marshall. As a record number of students start the new university year, the government has announced that higher education and research are priorities and their 2016 budget has been spared from cuts. Read more...

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Indigenous university ranking framework launched

By Suchitra Behal. A country specific framework for ranking Indian higher education institutions has been rolled out by the government. This initiative is a response to global rankings in which Indian universities and colleges usually do not fare too well. Read more...

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High-level meeting proposes ways to boost universities

By Wagdy Sawahel. Recommendations for strengthening African universities were agreed at a high-level event last weekend, held alongside the United Nations General Assembly meeting to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals. The proposals include promoting student mobility, postgraduate research, centres of excellence and partnerships. Read more...

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2015-072 - La mobilité sociale des descendants d’immigrés. Plus forte dans le secteur public que dans le secteur privé

Abonnez-vous aux avis de parution de la DaresUn cinquième des descendants d’immigrés de 18 à 50 ans se déclarent salariés du secteur public, un tiers parmi ceux qui ont un diplôme de niveau bac+3. Ces descendants d’immigrés qui travaillent dans le secteur public occupent le plus souvent un poste d’employé ou un poste dans le secteur de l’éducation.
Ils déclarent plus souvent que ceux du secteur privé une mobilité sociale ascendante (par rapport à leur père), notamment en raison de la plus forte présence des emplois de professions intermédiaires et de cadres dans le public. Cette plus forte mobilité sociale est également très liée à leur niveau de diplôme. En effet, à caractéristiques sociodémographiques comparables (âge, catégorie socioprofessionnelle du père,origine géographique des individus), c’est le niveau de diplôme qui apparaît comme un puissant facteur de promotion sociale.
Les descendants d’immigrés du secteur public sont un peu moins nombreux que les salariés sans ascendance directe immigrée à avoir eu une promotion au cours des cinq dernières années et ils sont un peu plus nombreux à déclarer un refus de promotion qu’ils estiment injuste.

2015-072 - La mobilité sociale des descendants d’immigrés. Plus forte dans le secteur public que dans le secteur privé (octobre 2015) (pdf - 1.1 Mo)

2015-072 - La mobilité sociale des descendants d’immigrés-Données à télécharger.

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US dominance slides as THE ranking becomes top 800

By Karen MacGregor. The United States showed “signs of decline” in the Times Higher Education, or THE, World University Rankings 2015-2016, as did Japan and South Korea. Countries with improved performances in an expanded ranking that examined 1,128 universities worldwide and doubled its list to 800, include the United Kingdom and Germany. Read more...

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