04 octobre 2015

4 Reasons Why Every Educator Should Read ‘The Gift of Failure’

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/technology_and_learning_blog_header.jpg?itok=aQthgJ91By Joshua Kim. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that The Gift of Failure is only a book for people with kids. This is a book that every educator should make time to read. In fact, it may be that those of use involved in postsecondary education need grapple with the ideas in this amazing book more than anyone else. Read more...

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It Doesn’t Matter Until It Does

By Matt Reed. “Why do we need to write that down? We’ve done it that way for years!”
Well, yes. But if you get hauled into court, you’ll wish you had written it down.
The case of the University of Kansas student whose tweets initially got him expelled, until the expulsion was overturned on appeal, is just the latest lesson. More...

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Shadow Boxing

By Matt Reed. This is the professor who rails against this perceived injustice and that one, visibly disappointed when one is actually fixed, because what he’s really battling are personal demons. Or the staffer for whom nothing is ever quite right, ever since her friend left. More...

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Why “Skin in the Game” Doesn’t Make Sense

By Matt Reed. The best data are the ones that correct intuitions.
By that standard, the new ACCT report on student loan defaults, “A Closer Look at the Trillion,”  is full of great data. More...

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Friday Fragments - September 24, 2015

By Matt Reed. When we get a new box of cookies in the house -- I don’t want to admit how often that happens -- there’s a predictable life cycle. Let’s say it has 30 cookies. 29 will disappear on the first day. The last cookie will last a week until someone finally puts it out of its misery. More...

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You Make the Call: Social Media Edition

By Matt Reed. Let's say that you're in an administrative role at a public college.
And let's say that a student at your college tweets to his adoring followers, bragging about how he lied to his professor about observing a religious holiday when, in fact, he was cutting class. More...

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A Shameless Attempt to Crowdsource Research

By Matt Reed. Which community colleges have successfully closed the success gap between onsite and online courses? I need names. More...

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The Niche Conundrum

By Matt Reed. And no, the “niche conundrum” doesn’t refer to pronunciation. I know I’m supposed to say “neesh,” but that just seems like it’s trying a little too hard. “Nitch” is supposedly declasse, but it doesn’t feel quite so forced. More...

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By Matt Reed. According to experts on such things, millennials and their successors have abandoned the concept of “ownership” in favor of the “sharing economy.” They’ve moved away from cars and suburbs, favoring instead bike rentals and cites. They’ve abandoned the concept of home ownership, instead preferring to rent, and abandoned the idea of buying fixed media, instead preferring to stream. More...

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Teaching Students to Evaluate Us Better

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/Screen%20Shot%202011-12-12%20at%2012.29.48%20PM.png?itok=ITDqfJNPBy Madeleine Elfenbein. I’ll admit it: I like my students, and I want them to like me, too. Such is the humiliating plight of just about every grad instructor, adjunct, and professor I know. Our professional pride -- and, for many, our professional survival -- now hinges in part on what our students have to say about us at the end of the term. Read more...

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