27 septembre 2015

Nelson Mandela as an exemplar of lifelong learning

By Karen MacGregor. A study of Nelson Mandela’s educational experiences has revealed the global icon to be an exemplar of lifelong learning. Research by Dr Peter Rule of the school of education at South Africa’s University of KwaZulu-Natal shows “deep fascination with education and learning”.
Mandela’s autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, is written “almost as a learning story. These are my teachers, this is what I learned and, as a result, this is who and what I have become,” Rule told the 9th Annual Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Conference held in Durban last week. Read more...

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Social capital and ‘grit’ help poor students to succeed

By Karen MacGregor. Schools have a crucial role to play in facilitating networks that enable the acquisition of social capital. In poor communities, such networks need to be “consciously created and fostered” if first-generation, low-income students are to access and succeed in higher education, says leading education expert Professor William Tierney of the University of Southern California. Read more...

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Online learning needs a well-trained faculty

By Aziza Ellozy. On 14-16 October the University of South Africa, or UNISA, will host the 26th ICDE World Conference – the first of its kind to be held in Africa. Read more...

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Parliament adopts research law to prioritise economy

By Jane Marshall. Algeria’s parliament has adopted a new framework scientific research law that Tahar Hadjar, the minister for higher education and scientific research, says will give priority to the country’s socio-economic needs. Read more...

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Higher education ‘vital’ to meet UN development goals

By Karin Goodwin. Higher education institutions have a key role to play in helping Africa to meet new United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, leading academics told a European conference recently. Read more...

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Initiative to strengthen 16 African science councils

By Wagdy Sawahel. A US$15 million initiative to strengthen science granting councils in Africa held its inaugural forum in the Kenyan capital Nairobi this month. Initially science councils will be supported in 12 countries – Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Read more...

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Nelson Mandela – A global icon’s lifelong learning story

By Karen MacGregor – Africa Editor. In a Special Report from the 9th Annual Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Conference held in Durban last week, the University of Southern California’s William Tierney speaks of the need to consciously develop social capital among low-income, first-generation students to help them succeed in university.
We outline a study of Nelson Mandela’s educational experiences that reveals him to be an exemplar of lifelong learning, and Nicola Jenvey describes Adam Habib’s take on the transformation of South African higher education, which should be founded on achieving a radical outcome – not violence.
In Africa Analysis, Savo Heleta appeals to the international community to help prioritise the rebuilding of higher education in countries that have suffered violent conflict, and Jo Beall argues that a core challenge for Africa is to encourage international collaboration to strengthen the competitiveness of its universities in ways that do not undermine national priorities.
A second Special Report forms part of a series of articles ahead of the International Council for Open and Distance Education conference next month, with The American University in Cairo’s Aziza Ellozy focusing on the importance of well-trained faculty for online learning.
In World Blog, Hans de Wit stresses that internationalisation should be extended to all students and not just the mobile minority. And in Commentary, Philip Altbach and Jamil Salmi reflect on whether the successful 'recipes' of the most innovative universities can be transferred to other institutions, and Thomas Estermann and Enora Bennetot Pruvot issue a plea for reliable funding for Europe’s Horizon 2020 programme. Read more...

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L’argent du CPER en PACA

Sur le blog "Histoires d'universités" de Pierre Dubois. Communiqué de l’université d’Avignon. « Septembre 2015, s’engage l’exercice du Contrat de Plan État Région 2015-2020. Grâce à ce catalyseur des investissements, l’Université d’Avignon voit se concrétiser l’essentiel des financements permettant la réalisation de ses prochaines infrastructures. Suite...

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L’Université avec un grand U

Sur le blog "Histoires d'universités" de Pierre Dubois. « Pour sa rentrée, la Conférence des Présidents d’Université change d’identité visuelle « . En communication, la CPU fait presque aussi bien que l’université de Limoges : une Com’ qui perd les pédales. Suite...

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Baisse des salaires en Master

Sur le blog "Histoires d'universités" de Pierre Dubois. De plus en plus de diplômés à bac+5 : 187.326 diplômes délivrés en 2013 (masters, écoles d’ingénieurs, écoles de commerce et de management).
Les entreprises l’ont compris : la concurrence entre les diplômés permet de tirer les salaires à la baisse. L’indicateur de salaire retenu dans les enquêtes (INSEE, CEREQ, Observatoires universitaires) est le salaire mensuel net médian (50% gagnent plus, 50% gagnent moins). Suite...

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