25 septembre 2015

Université Saint-Etienne (Jean Monnet) - Saint Etienne

L’Université Jean Monnet, fondée en 1969, est une université pluridisciplinaire.
Elle est composée de
• 5 facultés : Arts-Lettres-Langues, Sciences Humaines et Sociales, Droit, Sciences et Techniques et Médecine
• 4 instituts : Institut d’Administration des Entreprise (IAE), Télécom Saint-Etienne (école d’ingénieurs), Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Saint-Etienne et Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Roanne
Principales filières
L’Université Jean Monnet de Saint-Etienne propose près de 300 diplômes nationaux en Arts, Lettres, Langues, Sciences humaines et Sociales, Droit, Economie et Gestion, Sport, Santé, Sciences et Technologie… L’Université Jean Monnet est impliquée activement dans plusieurs projets internationaux financés à travers différents programmes :
• « Effective Communication in Multicultural Team »
• « Integrated Landscape Management for Substainable Development »
• Programmes Erasmus Mundus: Master « Color in Informatics and Media Technology » (CIMET) - Master « Cultural Landscapes » (MACLAND) :
• Master « Economie et Management,
• Master « Imoptics » avec l’Université de Grenade, Espagne
• Master
• Master « 3D Multimedia Technologie » Franco-Norvégien
• Masters Franco-Espagnol : Master « Machine Learning and Data Mining » - Master « Imoptics »
• Cours de Français Langue Etrangère (CILEC)
Le dispositif recherche s’articule autour de 34 unités de recherche reconnues couvrant les principaux secteurs disciplinaires, 5 structures fédératives (chimie, santé, bio-imagerie, presses universitaires, études des religions et laïcité).
L’université est accréditée pour 6 Écoles doctorales : Sciences et Ingénierie de la Santé, Lettres, Langues, Linguistique, Arts, Histoire, Géographie, Aménagement, Archéologie, Sociologie, Anthropologie, Sciences politiques, Sciences de l’éducation, Information et communication, Psychologie, Droit, Sciences économiques et de gestion.
Situation géographique
Située dans la région Rhône-Alpes, tout le charme de Saint-Etienne réside dans sa simplicité et sa taille à échelle humaine qui allie générosité, amabilité et urbanité, tout en profitant d’un environnement naturel de qualité (Parc Régional Naturel du Pilat). Elle est classée parmi l’une des villes les plus vertes de France.

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Research Digest for Practitioners: September 2015

By Leasa Weimer. What do Chinese students, Japan’s internationalisation, and Finland’s educational export industry all have in common? They are all topics of articles in the latest volume of the Journal of Studies in International Education, published in September 2015. This ongoing blog series highlights the major findings and takeaways that may be relevant and useful to practitioners in the field. More...

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The fraud detective

By Majka Drewitz. There is something about fraud detection that spices up even the dreariest day at the office. Undoubtedly, those of us who have experienced the thrill of catching a fraudulent document have relished the details of their stories over and over again during an occasional chat with a co-worker or a colleague at a conference reception. More...

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International students: cash cows or agents for change?

By Leasa Weimer. The European region continues to be a top study destination for international students. At the same time, European national economies are faced with an ongoing financial crisis that is putting pressure on funding for higher education. More...

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Top tips for a successful conference proposal

By Duleep Deosthale. The Annual EAIE Conference offers a fantastic occasion for learning more about the broad field of international higher education, but also for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. It is a place to start a dialogue with colleagues about the changes taking place in the field and how challenges can best be overcome. More...

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Multicultural competence in social and health care education

By Johanna Tarvainen. A practical placement – or workplace learning – is an essential part of social and health care higher education. Aside from placing domestic students, there is an increasing number of English-taught degree programmes in European higher education institutions (HEIs) that attract applicants from all over the world. More...

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Destination marketing for the education sector

By Rachel Sandison. Destination marketing has long existed for the tourism industry with bureaus created to promote towns, cities or regions to potential visitors by articulating the values and competitive attributes of the area. But what about burgeoning education sectors? A key component of education marketing is the city, with the terminology ‘town and gown’ prevalent in the mission statements of many universities. More...

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The state of internationalisation in the UK

By Anna-Malin Sandstrom. Aside from getting the latest updates in international higher education and enjoying the scenic beauty of Glasgow, many of you will make use of the EAIE Conference to visit current and prospective partner institutions. If so, it might be useful to understand trends and developments in the international higher education landscape of the UK prior to your time in Scotland. More...

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Wake up and smell the future

By EAIE. It is day two of the EAIE Conference and, after yesterday’s plenary and many sessions, you probably felt like you had already heard your fair share of novel ideas. That is, of course, until this morning’s exhilarating Wake-up Plenary with e-learning entrepreneur and future-enthusiast Donald Clark. Some of the innovations that are exciting international educators now, like flipped classrooms and digital learning, were extensively explored in his TEDx talk a good three years ago. More...

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Have your say on Learning Outcomes / Competences in your country!

ESU - European Students' Union The International Tuning Academy (in close cooperation with Lumina Foundation) is implementing a study on the use of learning outcomes/competences in higher education. The study is funded jointly by the European Commission and Lumina Foundation (USA). 
As part of this study, surveys are executed in both Europe and the United States to assess the extent to which the Learning outcomes/Competences approach, as the basis for student-centred learning has been implemented, and how it is experienced by the main stakeholders in the process: academic staff, students, student counsellors and management. More...

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