12 septembre 2015

Transnational education reviews should link with domestic judgements, says QAA

By Ellie Bothwell. Report recommends that branch campuses are scrutinised within institutional reviews of UK awarding bodies. More...

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University of Salford launches Tinder-style app to match students with perfect course

By Ellie Bothwell. Institution says app was designed to make the experience of clearing ‘reassuring and enjoyable’. More...

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University for refugees launches crowdfunding campaign

By Ellie Bothwell. An online university for refugees has launched a crowdfunding campaign to provide free higher education for individuals who have suffered persecution in their home countries. More...

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Private college's progression rates criticised by QAA

By Chris Havergal. Watchdog says only one in five of a cohort of students at London-based Grafton College of Management Sciences on course to complete qualification on time. More...

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‘Lad culture’ task force set up by government

By Chris Havergal. The government has ordered the formation of a task force to tackle violence against women, and “lad culture”, on UK university campuses. More...

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Guest Column: nationalize banks to pay for university tuition

The Windsor StarBy James Winter. As Ontario university students begin another school year, many are faced with a three per cent increase in tuition over last year in the province with the highest tuition rates in Canada.
This begs the question: Not so much why the increase, but why do we have tuition fees at all?
Why isn’t tuition virtually free in Canada, as it is in many countries, ranging from Germany, (US$270 for administration fees), to France (US$250) and all of the Scandinavian countries, as well as Italy (US$1,000), Spain (US$1,500) Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, etc? In financially-strapped Greece, European Union members study for free while others pay US$1,650. Read more...

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U of T joins national effort to decolonize education

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « thevarsity.ca logo »By . In light of Canada’s past and present colonization of Aboriginal peoples, the University of Toronto will join 96 other Canadian universities in a comprehensive national reconciliation plan. “The Principles on Indigenous Education” aim to help decolonize education and reduce the education gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students by rewriting curricula to include Aboriginal history, knowledge, values, and culture. Read more...

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Ontario’s tuition fees highest in the country, says new report

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « thestar.com »By . When Stephanie Flores-Small heads back to York University for her second year in the school’s children’s studies program on Thursday, there won’t be any first-day jitters, but there will be plenty of anxiety about the cost of her classes. Read more...

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Why an arts degree still gets you a great job: Mayers

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « thestar.com »By . The value of a liberal arts education is that it teaches the broad skills employers want, argues a book aimed at helping students succeed at university and find a good job. Read more...

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Why student debt could be an issue in federal, U.S. elections

By Daniel Schwartz. Post-secondary students in Newfoundland and Labrador won't get any student loans from the provincial government this year. They'll get grants instead. 
About 7,000 students should be eligible for the grants in 2015-16. The province began replacing loans with needs-based grants to students in 2007. Read more...

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