12 septembre 2015

World University Rankings blog: should global league tables consider community engagement?

Yes they should, argue Anthony Monaco and Cheryl de la Rey.
Global university rankings endeavour to play a positive role in motivating and recognising excellence.
They pay scant attention, however, to the quality of universities’ engagement with their own communities. How can we ensure that these influential rankings do not devalue one of the fundamental missions of higher education. More...

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Jo Johnson: research funding should be ‘simpler’

By John Morgan. ‘We don’t need Nobel physicists running car parks. We want the scientists focused on science,’ says universities minister. More...

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10 habits for a successful postdoc

By Jack Groves. Professor Drennan, who has five postdocs and eight graduate students in her Boston lab, has published a list of “10 habits for a successful postdoc” that asked readers to consider how day-to-day activities might improve their career prospects. More...

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NUS president vents anger on Twitter as anti-TEF motion is passed

By Jack Groves. Megan Dunn and NUS national executive committee clash as policy to formally oppose the teaching excellence framework is passed. More...

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Academics to protest at conference to ‘Stop the Arms’

By Matthew Reisz. An academic conference on militarism and global politics is to take place outside one of the world’s biggest arms fairs. More...

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How far should universities restrict freedom of speech?

By Matthew Reisz. Debate hears differing perspectives on whether students should have warnings or be sheltered from certain points of view. More...

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News blog: are universities doing enough in response to the refugee crisis?

By Ellie Bothwell. Universities have a long history of helping refugees in times of crisis, and this spirit of generosity has continued during the ongoing civil war in Syria. More...

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Top 25 most affordable university cities in UK

By Ellie Bothwell. Most students rely on loans as their main source of income, according to RBS Student Living Index.
Belfast is the most affordable place to study, according to a ranking of university cities based on living costs and earning potential. More...

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Universities ranked by crime rate

By Ellie Bothwell. Data reveal university locations in England and Wales with least burglary, robbery and violent and sexual offences. More...

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Top universities with the lowest crime rates in England and Wales

By Ellie Bothwell. Durham University tops list based on Complete University Guide crime survey and World University Rankings 2014-15. More...

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