10 septembre 2015

The Organisation of the Academic Year in Higher Education 2015/16

European Commission logoOrganisation of the Academic Year in Higher Education 2015/16
The Academic Calendar contains national data on how the academic year is structured (beginning of the year, term times, holidays and examination periods). Differences between university and non-university study programmes are also highlighted. The information is available for 37 countries.
FRANCE Type of programme: University studies
Beginning of the academic year

Institutional autonomy. Almost everywhere the period is between 15 September and 15 October.
Teaching activity and holidays
All periods of teaching activity and holiday are fixed by institutions, which however comply with the following calendar: holidays at the end-of-year festive season (one or often two weeks), as well as in February (generally one week) and April (one or two weeks).
Examination periods are entirely at the discretion of university managing bodies.
End of the academic year
No precise date. Institutional autonomy. In practice, the academic year ends after the final examination, in June or at the beginning of July.
Public holidays (occasional/national/religious holidays)
The following dates are regarded as public holidays by all institutions:
11 November 2015
25 December 2015
1 January 2016
28 March 2016
1 May 2016
5 May 2016
8 May 2016
16 May 2016. More...

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