01 septembre 2015

Students bring new knowledge and fresh thinking to businesses

HomeYoung people across Canada will soon be packing up and heading off to university for the fall semester. Those of us a little older may feel a twinge of envy, as we remember our own time on leafy campuses in September. But in fact their experience will be quite unlike ours. More than ever before, these students will be learning by doing. More...

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Back to school 2015: More than one million undergrads heading to universities across Canada

HomeUniversities Canada is happy to provide journalists with data and interview opportunities related to the start of the new academic year. Learn how universities are nurturing Canada’s next generation of entrepreneurs, leading reconciliation efforts and preparing students for rewarding careers. More...

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Universities Canada welcomes research excellence funding

HomeExcellence in Canadian university research is getting a major boost with the awarding of $350 million to university research projects in the first round of funding from the new Canada First Research Excellence Fund. The initial announcement of $114 million in funding for the University of Toronto’s “Medicine by Design” project in regenerative medicine was made today by Ed Holder, Minister of State (Science and Technology). Additional announcements are expected shortly. More...

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Canada’s universities adopt new Principles on Indigenous education

HomeCanada’s universities have adopted a set of principles outlining their shared commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for Indigenous students and fostering reconciliation across Canada. Closing the education gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students is a long-term core priority for Universities Canada.  Over the past year, the Association’s Board of Directors and member universities developed the 13 principles to guide Canada’s universities as they continue work to enhance access and success for Aboriginal students in higher education. More...

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Universities Canada principles on Indigenous education

HomeUniversities Canada represents 97 universities across Canada, which educate more than a million students each year. Indigenous students continue to be underrepresented in Canadian higher education institutions and our universities are committed to do their part to close this education gap, recognizing the urgency of this issue for the country. Closing the gap will strengthen Indigenous communities, allow Indigenous peoples to continue to strive for self-realization, enhance the informed citizenship of Canadians, and contribute to Canada’s long-term economic success and social inclusion. More...

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Brazilian, Canadian universities reinforce ties

HomeUniversities Canada is pleased to welcome 19 rectors and senior university administrators from Brazil for a 13-day tour of Canadian universities. From June 14-26, participants will meet with Canadian counterparts across the country, with the goal of forging new institutional partnerships for academic exchange and collaborative research. More...

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Crossing Borders, Crossing Boundaries

HomeAs President of Universities Canada, I always look forward to participating in Congress, and I congratulate the organizers on their formidable work in assembling one of‎ the largest multidisciplinary academic conferences in the world. At Congress, I am continually reminded of how today’s researchers are thinking in connected and interdisciplinary ways, which is one of the great strengths of the social sciences and humanities. More...

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Student debt is lower here

HomeA total of 865,000 net new jobs were created for university graduates, compared to 435,000 net new jobs for college and trades graduates, while a total of 510,000 jobs were lost for those with no post-secondary education. More...

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New identity launched for the voice of Canada’s universities at home and abroad

HomeEffective today, the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) becomes Universities Canada/Universités Canada.
Under the AUCC banner, adopted in 1965, the organization has brought universities together, facilitating a cohesive voice and a forum for collective action. The shift to Universities Canada/Universités Canada highlights the association’s focused role in supporting universities’ significant contribution to Canada. More...

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Just released - HEP 28/3 – September 2015

The latest edition of Higher Education Policy (HEP) has just been released and brings together 8 papers looking at various themes.


  • The Drive to Internationalize: Perceptions and Motivations of Israeli College Directors – Miri Yemini, Vered Holzmann, Hans de Wit, Efrat Sadeh, Anat Stavans and Dalia Fadila;
  • Theory Development and Application in Higher Education Research: Tribes and Territories – Malcolm Tight;
  • Translating Governance Ideas in Danish Higher Education – Lise Degn;
  • Institutional Policies on Assessment of Pedagogy and Faculty Classroom Practices: Evidence from 4-Year Colleges and Universities in the United States – Carrie B Myers, Scott M Myers, Tammy Stewart and Suzette Nynas;
  • Higher Education Expansion in China and the ‘Ant Tribe’ Problem – Yu He and Yinhua Mai;
  • The Impact of a National-Goal-Driven Higher Education Policy on An Ethnic Minority Serving Institution in China – Rebecca A Clothey and Diya Hu;
  • Towards a New Framework for Analysing Transnational Education - Nigel Healey and Lucy Michael Fabrications, Time-Consuming Bureaucracy and Moral Dilemmas — Finnish University Employees’ Experiences on the Governance of University Work - Arto Jauhiainen, Annukka Jauhiainen, Anne Laiho and Reeta Lehto. More...

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