The latest edition of Higher Education Policy (HEP) has just been released and brings together 8 papers looking at various themes.


  • The Drive to Internationalize: Perceptions and Motivations of Israeli College Directors – Miri Yemini, Vered Holzmann, Hans de Wit, Efrat Sadeh, Anat Stavans and Dalia Fadila;
  • Theory Development and Application in Higher Education Research: Tribes and Territories – Malcolm Tight;
  • Translating Governance Ideas in Danish Higher Education – Lise Degn;
  • Institutional Policies on Assessment of Pedagogy and Faculty Classroom Practices: Evidence from 4-Year Colleges and Universities in the United States – Carrie B Myers, Scott M Myers, Tammy Stewart and Suzette Nynas;
  • Higher Education Expansion in China and the ‘Ant Tribe’ Problem – Yu He and Yinhua Mai;
  • The Impact of a National-Goal-Driven Higher Education Policy on An Ethnic Minority Serving Institution in China – Rebecca A Clothey and Diya Hu;
  • Towards a New Framework for Analysing Transnational Education - Nigel Healey and Lucy Michael Fabrications, Time-Consuming Bureaucracy and Moral Dilemmas — Finnish University Employees’ Experiences on the Governance of University Work - Arto Jauhiainen, Annukka Jauhiainen, Anne Laiho and Reeta Lehto. More...