17 août 2015

Colleges in the 2016 crosshairs

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "politico.com logo"By . Democrats want to make college cheaper, or free. Republicans attack the higher education system.
Presidential candidates from both parties are tapping into Americans’ growing angst over paying for college, placing an unprecedented bright glare on higher education this election. Read more...

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To reduce debt, give students more information to make wise college choice decisions

The ConversationBy . Higher education has gotten a lot of attention during the early stages of the 2016 presidential campaign. All three major candidates for the Democratic nomination – former New York Senator Hillary Clinton, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders – have proposed different plans to reduce or eliminate student loan debt at public colleges.
However, the price tags of these plans (at least US$350 billion over 10 years for Clinton’s proposal) will make free college highly unlikely. Republicans, including leading presidential candidates, have already made their opposition quite clear.
But student loan debt is unlikely to go away anytime soon. What is important for now is that students and their families get better information about tuition costs and college outcomes so they can make more informed decisions, especially as the investments are so large. More...

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Let’s face it: gender bias in academia is for real

The ConversationBy , , , , and . Cornell Professor Sara Pritchard recently made the argument in The Conversation that female professors should receive bonus points on their student evaluations because of the severe negative bias students have toward their female professors. More...

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Why historically black colleges and universities matter in today’s America

The ConversationBy . Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown. Eric Garner. Sandra Bland. Renisha McBride. Martese Johnson. And now Tyrone Harris.
All these names remind us how precarious black lives can be. Martin, Brown and Garner were killed in their own neighborhoods. And that’s not all. Even religious settings seem to offer little protection. More...

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Can’t seem to stop those ads following you around? Why not become ‘metaliterate’?

The ConversationBy  and . In today’s mobile media environment, an incredible amount of information is available to every one of us, every minute of every day. More...

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Emerging Europe and Central Asia Ranking – The Significance?

http://www.iu.qs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/qsiu_logo7.pngBy . In December 2014, QS published the first edition of the Emerging Europe and Central Asia (otherwise known as EECA) regional ranking. New? Definitely. Interesting? Certainly. Unexpected? Not at all.
I, myself, come from Eastern Europe and so have first-hand experience of education in that region. Whilst I haven’t studied at a university there, I received primary and best part of my secondary education there. More...

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The Case for Blending: Four Reasons Why Business Schools Should Consider Going Hybrid

Evolllution Logo, click to return to homepageBy Gonzalo Freixes - Evolllution. Today, with over one third of U.S. college students enrolled in online courses, it is hardly surprising that a number of highly ranked business schools have begun to incorporate the tools of online instruction into their MBA curricula. More...

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The Market Is Sending A Message About Modalities: Are We Listening?

Evolllution Logo, click to return to homepageBy Charles Dull - Evolllution. In the first installment of this series, the discussion focused on how research comparing online and traditional courses typically pursues the wrong question and suggested we first understand why alternative educational modalities exist. In this installment, we start to delve into the reasons why alternative modes exist. The main reason for these alternative modalities is not academic; market forces drive the use of alternative education modalities. More...

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Success in the Customized Training Space Relies on Reputation and Customer Experience

Evolllution Logo, click to return to homepageBy Elizabeth Scott - Evolllution. The customized training marketplace, in the common parlance, is not for the weak of heart. Through it’s an incredibly lucrative space with billions of dollars in annual employer spending, there are numerous competitors from across the higher education spectrum and the private sector all seeking out an edge. More...

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Intensive English Language Programs Can be More Than Just Language Instruction

Evolllution Logo, click to return to homepageBy Lisa Springer - Evolllution. The growing importance of the international marketplace to institutional viability has led many colleges and universities to invest more time and resources in their intensive international English-language programs. After all, these programs often act as a welcoming mat for international learners who need to gain language competency before being fully accepted into a degree-granting program. Some universities have simply strengthened their commitment to their in-house language educators, while others have outsourced their intensive English programs to vendors. More...

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