17 août 2015

Windows 10 is spying on almost everything you do

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Windows 10 is spying on almost everything you do
Zach Epstein, BGR.com, 2015/08/08
Why is Windows 10 free? Well, here's one reason: "we will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary." More...

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Teach yourself — or be poor

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Teach yourself — or be poor
Joanne Jacobs, 2015/08/08

I basically never agree with either Tyler Cowan or Joanne Jacobs. But there's a core of truth in this message. Not the explicit threat of poverty, which should be unacceptable in a developed country (but which is fair retribution according to these two authors, which makes them detestable). More...

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Drawing Energy: Exploring perceptions of the invisible

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Drawing Energy: Exploring perceptions of the invisible
Flora Bowden, Dan Lockton, Rama Gheerawo, Clare Brass, 2015/08/08
So good. "The drawings clearly show diverse interpretations of energy and most are vastly different from the ways in which energy is regularly communicated by energy companies through the media and the energy infrastructure. More...

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Art is a Verb

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Art is a Verb
Colleen Rose, Northern Art Teacher, 2015/08/08

Short post that accurately captures the value of artistic endeavours: "The purpose of art is not to produce a product. The purpose of art is to produce thinking. More...

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Ethereum Launched

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Ethereum Launched
kliuless, Matafilter, 2015/08/08

First, the background: A blockchain is like a place where you store any data semi-publicly in a linear container space (the block). More...

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How to do a learning (r)evolution: perspective from Finland

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. How to do a learning (r)evolution: perspective from Finland
Teemu Leinonen, 2015/08/08

Education has to do more than adapt to change, write the authors of the SITRA’s New Education Forum (20 page PDF). We insist that education must not settle for adapting to change, but also act as a driver. More...

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Tertiary education in the crucible

Jamaica ObserverBy Franklin Johnston. Jamaica is at a crossroads regarding tertiary education. We want access, we want quality -- both are at odds. Old Europe consumes the goods; we consume but invented them -- thanks to education. To most, a degree is sheer vanity. Europe prospered when Africa was dark; roamed land and sea using technology, ships, arms; all from education. The UK was a Roman colony, Norman satrapy but had universities, was innovative, made the world its own when we were Tainoland, and Africa stayed in Africa. Read more...

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Turkey's baby boom sends many children into state care

By Tulay Cetingulec. According to the Ministry of Family and Social Policies’ Children Services Directorate, state support was requested for 6,977 children in the first five months of the year. The government is now providing financial assistance to their families. The total number of children for which families receive financial support reached 62,995 in May, up from 56,018 at the end of 2014. Read more...

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The story of how the Internet came to India: An insider's account

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "ibnlive.com logo"By Srinivasan Ramani. What have ERNET team members all over India achieved? We set out to build India's academic network and succeeded in doing that. We did that as a nationwide academic coalition of eight institutions of higher learning and R&D. Working together to win gives you a high, as all sportspersons know. So, how we did it was as important as what we did. In the process we brought the Internet to India. Read more...

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Africa's universities - why diversity is the magic and rankings don't matter that much

By Gerald Ouma. THE modern university has a long and complex history that is characterised, among others, by shifts in the understanding of the idea of the university; from an institution that was mainly concerned with elite reproduction to one that is now generally viewed as an engine of development. Read more...

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