06 août 2015

When too much is starting to be really too much! The evolution of business models for French business schools: what’s next?

Blog Educpros de François Thérin. In the torpor of summer, an article was published by Le Figaro on business schools’ students complaining about the fees they now have to pay (http://etudiant.lefigaro.fr/international/actu/detail/article/ecoles-de-commerce-le-coup-de-gueule-des-etudiants-contre-les-frais-de-scolarite-16501/ ). It reaches 45.000 € for 3 years at EDHEC, followed by HEC and ESSEC with 40.500 €. Another school, KEDGE, has increased its fees of 26% since 2013. And we are reaching what appears to be a peak in what students (and parents) are ready to fork. Debates on the value for money of business degrees are not new in the rest of the world and it is interesting and maybe worrying to see them coming uninvited in the usual hushed atmosphere of French business schools. Voir l'article...

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