29 juillet 2015

Slovenia and Cedefop launch a thematic country review on apprenticeships

Home A launching meeting for Cedefop’s thematic country review on apprenticeships in Slovenia took place in Ljubljana on 16 June. The meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports (MESS) of Slovenia. Representatives of the responsible ministries (education, labour and economy), VET providers and the social partners took part; they represent a group that meets on a regular basis to discuss issues of VET development. More...

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Italy targets quality apprenticeships through Cedefop review

Home Cedefop’s thematic country review (TCR) on apprenticeships has started in Italy. The Ministry of Employment hosted the launch event organised in collaboration with Cedefop on 6 July in Rome. 
The event discussed the focus of the review in Italy. It started with a debate about what definition of apprenticeship the review should focus on, especially considering the peculiar apprenticeship system in Italy, at least compared to other countries in Europe. Participants invited by the Ministry of Employment exchanged views on what type of apprenticeship to investigate within the scope of the review among those regulated by the national legal framework. More...

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Cedefop cooperates with Greek authorities and social partners on apprenticeships, qualifications framework and skills needs

Home A Cedefop delegation visited the Greek Ministry of Education on 13 July to discuss with Greek authorities and social partners the common work in the frame of the thematic country review (TCR) on apprenticeships in the country. Cedefop’s contribution in two more areas of cooperation (hellenic qualifications framework and skills needs diagnosis) was also discussed in the meeting. More...

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European Alliance for Apprenticeships - Good for Youth, Good for Business

Home The European Commission has just published a new brochure on the European Alliance for Apprenticeships featuring examples of successful and inspiring apprenticeships policy initiatives and projects across Europe. 
Work-based learning, in particular apprenticeships can enhance employability, notably of young people, and help to address the skills shortages to better match companies' needs. Of great benefit to learners and companies alike, these schemes also contribute to Europe's objective of ensuring sustainable growth and employment. More...

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When VET will be taken seriously

Home‘Vocational education and training (VET) needs a strong commitment to raise its profile and strengthen its ties with the world of employment,’ writes Cedefop Director James Calleja in the July issue of the Social Agenda magazine. More...

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Involving national experts in skills forecasting and labour market developments

HomeCedefop has selected national experts to contribute to the preparation and validation of Cedefop skill supply and demand forecast for their country. The assignment is valid for a period of four years.
In particular, national experts:

  • provide a basic outlook on the economic development for their country;
  • provide additional national data, as necessary, to complement harmonised data;
  • review and validate their national skill supply and demand forecast results;
  • comment on methodological developments;
  • share ideas and experience;
  • propose new fields of research and further developments of the project.

The national experts represent all 33 countries covered by the Cedefop skills supply and demand forecast. More...

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Slovenia - mobility trends in vocational education and training (VET) and tertiary education

Home Employment opportunities in Slovenia worsened during the economic crisis. Skills and knowledge contributing to employability may improve individuals’ labour market position. For Slovenia’s small, open economy it is important that the labour force possess knowledge about foreign countries, languages and intercultural skills. Mobility schemes are a way to secure professional development and transversal skills. International mobility in education improves students’ competences and employability, quality of teaching, and cooperation between organisations in different countries (European Commission, 2012). More...

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Spain - Youth guarantee on Spanish ground

Home Several measures have been put in place to improve youth employability and mitigate effects of the crisis among Spanish youth. In Spain, the number of young people under 25 who are neither working nor studying amounted to 858 200 in 2012. More...

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Belgium - bilingual salesperson training course

Home For the first time, the Brussels region is proposing a ‘bilingual retail salesperson’ training course comprising 15 weeks of practical training and a six-week period of work experience in a supermarket. 
In Brussels, more than one of two job vacancies request bilingual skills. Speaking French is not enough; it is essential to be bilingual in both national languages, French and Dutch. Bilingualism is expected of most professionals, such as accountants, electricians and bakers. More...

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Luxembourg - new skill centres for continuing vocational training in the crafts sector

HomeThe Federation of craftsmen (Fédération des artisans – FDA) is launching skill centres (centres de compétences) for continuing vocational training to face upcoming skills challenges. More...

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